The Art of Balance

The art of balancing work & play is one I have not seemed to master quite yet. Some days I don’t study as much as I should, I skip the gym, or stay up way later than intended, but that’s ok. I think the act of balancing your leisure time & work time isn’t through a schedule or making yourself miserable when you change up your plans or don’t follow through. Balancing your life becomes successful when you get your work done & feel accomplished without feeling like you missed out on life to get it done. Balance is more of a mental state than a way of life. It’s not about scheduling your whole life to a T to make sure you’re on track, it’s about adjusting to whatever life throws at you & still excelling in your daily activities. Sleep in one day but make sure you put in extra work time the next. Eat that cheat meal but make sure you’re eating good the rest of the week. Its about understanding that your actions will require different reactions in the future but adjusting to that & staying on track. This is something most of us have to work on, but it isn’t impossible. Make sure you’re enjoying the life your living but make sure you’re successful.

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