How to stay motivated while going through your daily routine.

Motivation & inspiration are two concepts that work hand-in-hand. If you’re inspired to do something, you are more motivated to do it. But what about being motivated to do things that don’t inspire you, give you instant gratification, or any sort of pleasure? Doing these tasks (such as errands or a project at work you aren’t particularly thrilled about) can seem trivial & pointless. But, they are not. Everything you do adds up in life. It might not seem like these things can increase your value of life, but will they? Of course they will. Tasks such as doing the dishes as you use them will allow you to come home tonight to a clean, responsibility free home. Working really hard on that work project might bring the boss’ attention to you which could lead to more important projects or a raise. To get things done you must ask yourself “How can I make the best of what I’m doing? How can apply this to my quality of life?” Things will seem much more important & make everyday things feel like accomplishments. It is a mindset that will make life much easier & make you more productive in every aspect of your daily routine.

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