10 Things I tried, bought & loved this October.

Introducing new things into your routine is necessary so you don’t get stuck in a rut or bored over time. Whether these new things be a new food, diet, vitamin, article of clothing, or beauty product, they can change your life. This month I tried a few new things that I loved as well as some that I didn’t. These items may not be for everyone but I personally thought they brought a new, beneficial aspect to my life. I am not sponsored in any way, all opinions are my own.

1. Bath & Body works candles

I know, I know, candles? really? Yes. I’ve always been a fan of candles, especially from Bath &  Body works because they have such an extensive selection that it’s pretty much impossible to not find a scent you want to constantly waft through your home. Their fall candle selection this year was wonderful. I am not a fan of food-type scents (such as marshmallow) but if that is your thing, you’re in luck. My favorite scents from this month include “The Perfect Autumn” which smells like “Fresh Cranberry, Spiced Pumpkin, Crisp Apple, Rich Clove” according to their website. This candle made my stuffy dorm room feel like a cabin in the middle of the pine forest with a fire going. It was the perfect scent to get my fall feelings going & covered up any & all smells my roommates had produced through cooking or having pets. The second candle of this month is a cult favorite, “Mahogany Teakwood (Intensified)” this is a candle which “intensifies beautiful notes of rich mahogany, teakwood, oak and frosted lavender.” There is a reason this scent is loved by many, it’s amazing! It smells like cologne but it’s not too overpowering & it really creates a chic, elegant aura to the room. Both of these are White Barn 3-wick candles which I managed to snag on sale. “The perfect autumn” is currently out of stock online but you might be able to find one at your local standing Bath & Body Works store! Or you can look for your own seasonal scents as well as Mahogany Teakwood  here

2. Target Clothing

I’m definitely not the first one to buy clothes at target but I just recently discovered how great their clothing selection actually is! The one item I bought this month is actually a mens flannel. I tend to buy mens outer wear in smaller sizes over womens’ because I found that the material is usually thicker & just better quality overall for a lower price. I bought a red and black plaid flannel shirt about a week ago & I have already worn it three times. If you’re on the shorter side of the height spectrum (I’m 5’9 so this wasn’t a problem for me) this hack might not be very helpful for you due to the length difference between men & womens’ shirts. I got the smallest flannel which hits about mid-thigh on me & the sleeves are a little long, it fits very loose but tucking it into the front of your jeans or tying it up helped a lot, but it is my favorite lounge around-or-running errands shirt. You can dress it up or down & it keeps me warm when the wind picks up a little in the already semi-chilly weather. You can get it here

3. Morphe Copper Spice eyeshadow palette

I’m a huge makeup fan, & particularly a big fan of Morphe eyeshadow palettes. They’re affordable, pigmented, have a great balance of mattes & shimmers, & they also have so many palettes that everyone has a selection that will work for their skin tone & needs. I love this palette because I love the neutrals for every day wear (I use Lit as a transition shade, Layered on the lid blended with Lit, then pack on Foxy for a pop of metallic) but there are so many subtle or glam looks you can make with this 25 shade palette (it’s only $19!!). I picked my palette up at my local Ulta store, but if you want to buy online, they offer free shipping on orders over $60 after promotional codes & you can get 10% off your order right now just for signing up to receive emails from them! Morphe is cruelty free but some of their items are not vegan as they have natural (non-synthetic brush sets) & use bees wax in some of their products. Pick up my favorite shadows here

4. Painting pumpkins

Carving pumpkins & visiting the pumpkin patch is a fall staple, but sometimes carving can get too messy & no one likes a rotting pumpkin. This year my friends & I decided to paint our pumpkins instead of carving & it was just as fun, if not more! the possibilities of painting your pumpkins are endless! carving is a fun experience but let’s be real, most of us aren’t that good at it. Painting allows you to get creative in a safe, fun way. I recommend this trick if you have small children (or dumb college roommates) who shouldn’t particularly be handling a carving knife. Not only was this a fun way to bond, but our pumpkins are holding up much longer than past years when they were carved & exposed to air.

5. Francesca’s jewelry

I am no stranger to the lovliness that is Francesca’s. Their jewlery selection is great & they have a lot of really cute personal items (My every day necklace that I never go without is a gold bar with my birthstone on it, I am currently on my second one but they no longer sell it). This month I lost my pair of everyday studs from H & M so I decided to check out what Francesca’s had to offer. I found a pair of super cute gold hoop earrings that are dainty & dont weigh the ear down. They’re super comfortable & add a nice touch to every outfit I wear. They have such an extensive collection that if you’re looking for reasonably priced good quality jewelry, this is place for you.I could not find the exact style online but here is a pair very similar! Check out your local store or get them here

6. American Horror story “Apocolypse”

This one is not for the faint of heart. This show has been on my watch list since it’s very first season in 2011 “Murder House”. Those who are fans of the show have been particularly excited for this current season because even though in the pass all seasons were unrelated & unique stories everytime, this season ties into the past two most popular seasons “Murder House” & “Coven”. The cast stays pretty consistent throughout all seasons so in this one, some actors play multiple characters. I would advise watching season 1 & season 3 before starting this one. You get to follow the cast as they navigate through the apocolyspe which we can assume is brought on by no one other than Michael Langdon. There are cool ghosts, bad-ass witches, & a lot of drama. The show is gory, has sexual dialogue, and graphic scenes, but the story line is phenominal. Check out previous seasons on Netflix or Hulu. Happy watching!

7. Clinique “Take the day off” Balm

This isn’t a new product for me but I love it so much that I had to include it. My favorite part of the day is taking off makeup after a long day (I’m sure most of you can relate). I wear waterproof mascara every day (Better than sex waterproof) & it does not budge with normal make up wipes & face wash. The take the day off balm is life changing. A little bit goes a long way & takes off every speck of make up in just a couple of seconds of rubbing it in. It is literally the only thing I can use to get my mascara off. It is hydrating & gentle for those with sensitive skin, it washes off clean which makes it feel like nothing was even on your face. I follow rinsing it off with a clinique spinning facial brush and mild face soap. The only set back I have is that if you wear contacts you’ll want to take them out before you do this because it can leave a film on them that makes it hard to see. Get it here

8. Coffee mate natural bliss coffee creamer

I am a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes, but Starbucks can add up fast. I found my new favorite creamer at my local publix. It is sweet enough to make your usual black coffee taste amazing, but not over powering. They have so many flavors to chose from but to embrace the spirit of fall I’ve opted for pumpkin spice. I’m curently on my second bottle of the month, my keruig has put in overtime recently. It’s a nice way to wake up in the morning, especially if you have extra time before school/work to just chill & enjoy it.

9. Sweaters from Forever21 red

Forever 21 red is the closest store near me that is forever 21 affiliated. I used to stay away because some of the products are cheaply made & wouldn’t survive a single wash, but recently a friend took me with her inside & if you look for good products you can find them. Their sweater & fall section was huge & filled with thick, good quality sweaters. I bought a black cardigain, yellow turtle neck sweater dress, jean jacket, & white off-the-shoulder sweater, each of which have been in my weekly rotation since I’ve purchased them. They’re warm, durable, & insanely cute. My friend purchased a pair of lace-up high heeled boots for a witch themed party she was hosting & I have seen her wear them so many times, each look cuter than the next. I would reccomend this store for anyone looking for pretty good quality clothes for a great price. Get the black cardigan here

The white sweater here

The yellow dress here

10. Washer scent beads

Dorm washers & dryers are kind of a gross place. The dryer in my dorm gets so hot that my clothes,without scent beads, come out smelling like almost burnt cotton. I bought the Downy unstopables scent boosters in the scent “Lush” & it has changed the way I do laundry. They make my clothes smell amazingly floral & they hold their scent through the dryer. They smell even better when air-drying clothes but who has time to air dry everything? They made folding & putting my clothes away 10X more enjoyable just because I get to smell them. I strongly suggest these for any mom with active kid who produce mounds of smelly clothes or just the normal person who enjoys smelling good. Get them here



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