How to Bullet Journal/ November plan with me.

Bullet Journaling is a new-ish version of organization & planning that has been showcased on study oriented social media quite heavily recently. I started bullet journaling after following the instagram page @amandarachlee. You can view her page here. Bullet journaling, for me, is a way to stay organized, focus & creative. It is nice to have something to fill out during the morning & at night to track progress, make sure you got your work done, & just blow off some artistic steam. This is how I planned my bullet journal for the month of November (most ideas for doodles & layouts are from the aforementioned bloggers “plan with me” youtube video which you can watch here, but some spreads are my own):

Step 1: Cover Pages


For a typical cover page I will put aesthetic pictures that I like on the left side of the two-page spread & the name of the month along with a quote & some season related doodles on the right page. This month I chose an outfit I liked, a cute coffee mug, & a relaxing picture of pumpkins & candles. I try to keep the same color scheme going throughout the whole month & choose pictures with similar hues & color tones. This spread is just a nice introduction to the month & allows you to take time to doodle & look at pictures that inspire you.


Step 2: A calendar of the month


This spread just allows me to look at how this month is broken up, what the important dates are, & other things I need to get done. I decorated with orange & brown fall foliage with little dots connecting them to symbolize the rustling of leaves in the fall weather. Due to the size of my journal, I had to put four days on the left side of the spread, and three on the right side, so I utilized the remaining space in the right side to make a little section for some standout dates this month. You can also use this space to make a checklist for what you might need to get for thanksgiving, a list of Christmas gifts you plan to buy on black Friday, or really anything you want.


Step 3: Habit & mood trackers


This spread is one of my favorites because it helps me stay focused & at the end of the month I can look back & see what habits I need to work on & what made me happy/upset on certain days. I put 15 spaces on each page of this spread to track my habits & mood from November 1-15 & 16-30 because they would not fit on one page alone. I usually just put habits I want tp improve on & make a part of my daily routine in here. I have things such as making sure I only drank water that day, no soda. I want to read more, so I mark off if I read or not. Simple things like that are super easy to make a habit if you keep track & make sure you do them everyday. The mood tracker is just one column to see how I felt after the day has ended. I did not color the legend in this picture, but a good day would be keyed in as orange, a bad day brown, & an ok day would be half orange, half brown. I use this as a tool to see what upsets me or makes me happy & what I can do to fix it. If I was happy most of the month, what can I do to keep this going? If I was grumpy more days, what can I do to fix it? It is a nice way to create balance at the end of the month & get into a good rhythm of being happy.


Step 4: Self awareness & goals


This is also another one of my favorite spreads. The left side of this spread I use to write down one thing I am grateful for every morning I wake up. I do this spread every month, but it is extra fitting during November. This habit has allowed me to start the day off with a grateful & gracious attitude. I am in a more relaxed state of mind, not starting the day worrying about things that may be going on that day. It feels nice to be appreciative, I recommend this page tremendously. The right side of the spread is a scarf decorated with fall colors & each scarf end represents a different set of goals I have for the month & t remind myself of those goals every day. I have separated them into life goals, school goals, & health goals. Everyone is different with different sets of personal goals so feel free to make the headers anything that pertains to you & is important.


Step 5: Weekly agenda


This spread is pretty self explanatory. I use this to put in daily things, such as assignments, Publix runs, laundry…etc, that I cannot fit into the month at a glance spread. I did not incorporate weekends on these spreads because my weekends are usually spontaneous & I’m never sure what I am going to be doing. This spread helps me stay organized by seeing what I have ahead in the week & what I have to do on a specific day. I did not decorate these pages because I did not want them to be too busy & distract from what I have to get done.


Step 6: Inspiration


This page is just a page of pictures that inspire me. I look at this page when I am feeling down or in a rut, & remind myself of what I want. I got all of the pictures from the website weheartit because it is a simple way to pick a category & see only pictures of that category that are edited, nice looking, & easy to download.


Step 7: weight tracker


This spread won’t be in everyones’ journal, but it works for me. I constantly struggle with body image & I am trying to lose weight. I started my journey In August, so this page allows me to record my weight in the morning in the orange boxes, & how many pounds I am down total from my original weight in August in the brown boxes. This allows me to track my progress & look back at my habit tracker to see what could be helping or hurting my progress.


Products used: 

Get the journal I used here

I just used generic brand art fine tip pens for the black, orange, & brown colors.

For the photo editing apps I used “unfold” for the polaroid border & the “afterlight” app to darken my photos with the “russ” filter applied.


Happy Journaling!

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