10 Inspiring Influencers to watch/follow this year.

The social media era has produced some great, diverse content. I spend more time watching clothing hauls, beauty reviews, & inspirational videos than I’d like to admit. Influencers now do a great job of creating content for everyone. Travel vlogs, fashion posts & just beautiful content inspires me every day. Here are 10 influencers I keep up with daily & inspire me to be the best version of me I can:

1. Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow)

Victoria is a YouTube/blogger/influencer/author. She focuses on fashion, beauty & travel. She personally is one of my favorite youtube accounts to watch & her instagram never disappoints. She uploads high fashion hauls, vlogs, make up reviews & more. She just wrote a book called “The New Fashion Rules” (which mom, if you’re reading this, here’s an item on the Christmas list) which is a collective of high fashion pictures, illustrations & tips/anecdotes/information about all facets of fashion. She is very entertaining to watch, especially when she travels to different places & documents it all. Her instagram has a constant color scheme which makes it look very organized & chic, but each picture is beautiful & unique. I recommend watching her if you’re into fashion, even just starting out & looking for your own personal style. I guarantee you’ll get some ideas through her that will look amazing.

Check out her YouTube here.

Get inspired by her instagram here.

2. Remi Cruz (@missremiashten)

Remi is one of the influencers that constantly helps me with my fitness journey. She herself is on a fitness journey,  but she makes it seem so fun & looks at life with such a fun positive outlook. She is so fun to watch because she will instantly put you in a better mood. She does a ton of “Cooking with Rem” videos where she shows you how to cook healthy food to keep you on track, as well as “What I eat in a day” videos to give you ideas on how to make everything you put in your body throughout the day healthy. She also uploads examples of her work outs if that’s what you’re into. My favorite videos of hers are on her vlog channel (remlife). She stays busy, gets things done, & inspires me to get it together. She also has great fashion sense, which you can see on her instagram stories & clothing haul videos. Check her out for fitness & health inspiration or just a pick me up!

Check out her instagram here.

Her main channel here & her vlog channel here.

3. Amanda  Rach Lee (@amandarachlee)

Now, here is my all time favorite bullet journal/ organization page. If you’ve been reading my posts consistently, you’ve already seen her name before. Amanda is an organized, talented blogger. I watch her YouTube videos every month to follow along with her bullet journal outline for the month, which are her “Plan with me” videos. These inspire me & introduced me to journaling, which has changed my life. She is soft & her instagram is aesthetic in every sense of the word. She makes me what to stay on top of my game, read more, & make the most out of my time.

Check out her instagram here.

Watch her videos here.

4. Lucy Jane Wood (@lucyjanewood)

For every & any average girl out there, Lucy’s channel is the one for you. Lucy is probably the most relatable youtuber I’ve watched recently. She is so funny, down to earth, interacts with her audience on such a personal level & is just so much fun to watch. Every video she posts has something for everyone. She has a series called “Average girl tries” where an average girl well.. tries things. She did this because there was content for people who are great at make up, super fashionable, super self confindent..etc. But no content was really focused on the average girl, so she created that content. You can see honest & real make up reviews, clothing store try ons, budget makeup/clothing hauls & so much more. I recommend her if you’re just trying to get some ideas about fashion & beauty but you’re not really on the pro level yet, or if you just want to enjoy a lighthearted video.

Check out her Youtube channel here.

Get inspiration from her Instagram here.

5. The Home Edit (@thehomeedit)

You’ve probably heard their name before, but that’s because they now have a TV show “Master this Mess” & a new best selling book on Amazon “The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals.” They are a set of two women, Clea Shearer  & Joanna Teplin, who are amazing at organizing, labeling, & cleaning up any living space. Their instagram feed will inspire you to get up & clean you whole house. Their work is beautiful & they have a huge celebrity fan club. If you’re looking to organize your life, look to the home edit. 

Check out their Instagram here.

But their book here.

6. Aileen Xu (@lavendaire)

Aileen focuses on organization, positive mental states, organization & lifestyle tips. Her Instagram is beautifully put together but she really shines on Youtube. Her content is always the same color scheme, which is very aesthetic & true to her brand. She is very relatable but inspiring. She has videos on how not to stress, how to organize your house, how to put yourself in a succesful mindset,  & so may more. Her videos have truly inspired me & I watch them every day. She is soft-spoken but her words mean so much. I truly recommend checking her out, it will change your whole mindset in such a great way.

Check out her Instagram here.

Watch her videos here.

7. Josie (@josieldn)

Josie only has an Instagram page, but it is a great one for all of my feminine fashion fans. Josie posts pictures daily with new, amazing outfits. They’re all usually neutral, pink-based & gorgeous. She brings something different to the usual fashion game. She isn’t trying to be something she’s not & wear clothes just because they’re in fashion. She’s wearing what she is because it is classic, beautiful & 100% her. I get a lot of great ideas from her & I think most of you would love her content too.

Follow her on Instagram here.

8. Lilia Kazakova (@lilylikecom)

Not only is Lilia’s content amazing, but she is amazing. She kills the fashion game while being a Law graduate immigrant based in washington D.C. I personally see her as a badass. She shows that it is ok to dress with the trends & be feminine while working in a male dominated field, which I think women need a reminder is ok to do. Her style is trendy with a lot of skirts, jackets, neutrals, pinks & blacks. She is also a key player in the stationery/organization game. She has her own stationary line to help keep you as organized & focused as a law student is!

Check out her Instagram here.

Grab her stationary here.

9. Lydia Millen (@lydiaemillen)

Lydia os very similar to Victoria (#1 on the list) But they both bring something unique. Lydia has wonderful travel, married life, home decor, & fashion content. She has a great since of fashion, which is very feminine & neutral in tones. She works out a lot & takes care of herself. She tales brand trips & takes amazing occurs while on there. My favorite content she has been posting recently though, is how her house is coming along. I’ve always dreamed about decorating my own apartment & the way she styles & designs her home is beautiful. It is very inspiring to watch.

Check out her Instagram here.

Watch her videos here.

10. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)

Jeffree Star is one of the biggest names in beauty. His products are amazing, beautiful, affordable, & overall amazing. I personally own way too many of his liquid lipsticks, but it’s worth it. Jeffree is hilarious, energetic, & so much fun to watch. He has no problem saying what he feels, which is a hard quality to come across now with influencers. We can trust him to give us an honest review & call out influencers that are being shady. He lives a lavish, busy life, which is so inspiring to me. He is one of the top influencers for a reason, go watch him, like now.

Check out his Instagram here.

His Youtube here.

His cosmetics here.



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