9 Habits To Do Before 9am.

Having a good morning routine is the key to having a good day. Starting the day off right sets a tone for how productive/happy/healthy you will be that day. That being said, I think any functioning adult should be awake & doing things before 9am, but that’s just my opinion. Here’s a list of habits you should be implementing before 9am:

1. Wake up the right way.

Waking up is hard for most people (I’m rolling my eyes at you early birds, I’m jealous of you but also inspired by you). Waking up by being forced out of a great dream by your alarm sucks. That being said, you can make it better! Make your ringtone a song you really love (but won’t be sad if you get over it, because your alarm will inevitably make you hate it) or use an app like “Sleep Cycle” that gradually uses a gentle alarm to make waking up a peaceful process. Make sure you have a full glass of water next to your bed to chug as soon as you get up, this will wake you up & you’re already one step closer to your water intake goal for the day! Don’t check social media or look at notifications in bed, you will be tempted to stay cozy & make yourself late. Get out of bed right after you chug your water, staying in bed will make you less motivated & more grumpy.

2. Get moving.

As soon as you get out of bed, jump around a little, get your blood flowing. I suggest doing some yoga, like a sun salutation, this is a relaxing stretch to get you in a good physical mood to match your mental state. Getting moving in the morning is so important because it wakes you up & you get a feel for how you’re treating your body & how you will feel for the day. The more you practice this, you’ll start to realize that stretching gets easier & feels better. You’ll look forward to waking up to get your stretch on! If you’re new to yoga I suggest looking up youtube videos for guided stretching, check out this one!

3. Clean yourself up.

I know most people make breakfast & chill before doing their morning grooming, but I find it refreshing & productive to get ready before I do anything else in my morning routine. I wash my face, brush my teeth, moisturize & put on sunscreen first. Then I like to do my normal make up routine, do my hair, then get dressed. I find that when I am dressed for the day I feel more productive. Also, if you’re ready earlier you don’t have to rush to eat, watch tv or make coffee to make sure you’re not running late for school/work. This habit allows me to take my time to have a chill morning, as well as knowing I’ll look my best because I got to take the time to make sure I look my best!

4. Make a healthy, filling breakfast.

Breakfast, for me, is the most important meal of the day. Having a good base to go off for the rest of the day is so important because sometime I get busy & can’t eat until later. Eating a healthy breakfast also sets my food mood for the rest of the day. If I eat like crap in the morning, like just grabbing a donut on the go, I will be way less conscious of what I am eating later on, because I started the day will an unhealthy item. I am also way less likely to snack if I eat a filling breakfast, which is a big win for the waistline. For my go-to breakfast I do 2/3 cups of raw oats with 1 cup of water, PB2 powdered peanut butter. I also add bananas or berries if they fit into my calories for the day. I have a glass of water with lemon & a coffee with seasonal creamer (I’m still on the pumpkin spice bandwagon but hold no grudge against peppermint mocha). Eating at home will save you money & allow you to have some “me” time in the morning.

5. Engage your brain.

I usually watch YouTube videos while eating breakfast just to get some entertainment. I tend to watch organizational videos or videos of successful peoples daily routines to see if they have any habits I could implement to make myself better. I also watch fashion & beauty hauls to get an idea of what the trends are right now & how I can style what I’m wearing for the day to look my  best. I also enjoy reading a book I’m working on, listening to podcasts or watching the news. Anything that gets me thinking & motivated is a go-to for me.

6. Practice 10-15 minutes of self reflection.

Self reflection is important & necessary. You can do this at night too, but for me it’s nice to clear my head first thing in the morning. Self reflection can come in many forms, such as meditation or journaling. My version of self reflection is filling out my bullet journal while listening to music. This allows me to write down what I’m thankful for, where my weight loss journey is, what habits I’ve been avidly practicing & so much more. You can write your stream of consciousness in a journal, you can rearrange & add to your vision board, or just sit with your thoughts for a few moments. Taking time to sort out everything you’re thinking about will allow you to face the day with a clear & level-headed mindset.

7. Write down your agenda.

I’m one of those people that needs to write down everything, or I will without a doubt forget it. Make a todo list with sections of things that absolutely need to be done today (appointments, assignments, errands), a section for what you need to start today (future projects & such), habits you need to implement (go to the gym, make a water intake tracker, logging calories) & things you would like to do for yourself (call your mom, catch up on Netflix). Seeing all of these things written down will allow you to make a time table for all of it mentally & make sure you have enough time to complete each task fully & to your best effort.

8. Check the news.

Too many people I know aren’t caught up with current events. They usually get their information from a tweet or facebook post they saw. It is so important to know what is going on in the world, good or bad. Being knowledgeable about todays events & knowing what is going all around the world is something you need to know. Pick a newspaper or news channel that you trust (FOX news, CNN, whatever) & make sure you’re caught up. There is nothing More embarrassing then being engaged in a conversation with colleagues & not being able to form an educated opinion on an important topic & engage in the conversation because you don’t know whats happening in the world that isn’t immediately around you. You have the power of information at your finger tips, use it!

9. Compliment yourself.

Stare in the mirror & complement yourself. This sounds silly, but once you start saying things that you notice are good about yourself, to yourself, your confidence will grow. Confidence is one of the best quality a person can have. It sets you apart & makes you a better person. Not to be confused with being vain or self absorbed, saying a nice thing to yourself will make you feel so good. It doesn’t have to be about your outfit or physical appearance, it can be about any aspect of you as a person. For example, before a big test, look at yourself in the eyes & remind yourself that you are a smart, capable human being. You are your biggest fan, make sure you feel good about yourself!

In conclusion

Mornings are hard,  but they are the start of your day. Everything you do in the morning sets you up for the 24 hours ahead of you. Making sure you start the day off right will change you attitude 100% & you will probably be more productive & happy. So get up & get going! The best days of your life haven’t even been lived yet.

One response to “9 Habits To Do Before 9am.”

  1. Really inspiring post! I have always wanted to create a really healthy morning routine but struggle every time and never end up sticking to it… What time do you have to wake up in the morning to achieve all of this before 9am?


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