Holiday Gift Guide/Ideas.

Shopping for gifts has got to be one of the most stressful things on the planet. What do you get for the dad that has everything? The best friend that has every make up product on the market? Well, I’m here to help! Here’s a list of things that you might be able to gift to those special people in your life:

1. For everyone: Gift Cards.

This might seem like such an impersonal gift, but it is always practical & always useful. Gift cards make the world go round. There is nothing better than being at the mall, stressing about how you really don’t want to spend money, but then remembering you have a $50 dollar gift card in your wallet. They are also never out of stock, easily accessible, and usually within budget, especially if you can choose the amount put onto the card. I promise, the recipient will be grateful.

2. For the women in your life: Spa Day.

Gift vouchers to the spa are some of the greatest gifts. Does your mom work too hard and you want to treat her? Spa voucher! Sister killing it in her college classes & needs a break? you guessed it, spa voucher! Your local spa probably has something for everyone, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massages, make up lessons, whatever. This is a great way to show that you care and that you acknowledge their hard work & want to treat them to a break to enjoy themselves.

3. For the struggling college student: help pay rent.

This is more for parents & friends who have a little more disposable income. Giving a college student who eats ramen every night & works all day a little bit of money towards rent will mean a lot. One of my friends was gifted a full month of rent & it literally changed their life. This allows them to save up for better food, more clothes, paying off student loans, anything. It is a really thoughtful & helpful gift.

4. For the chef of the friend group: a Ninja pressure cooker.

Pressure cookers are life changing. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one. A pressure cooker allows one to cook things in such a fast time & the amount of recipes on the internet are innumerable. Get this for the friend that you can constantly rely on to whip up something delicious in the kitchen, & hey maybe you’ll score some of whatever they’re cooking in this.

5. For the beauty guru: any big make up brand holiday collection.

The holiday season means family, cooking, & every make up brand under the sun releasing a limited time holiday collection. The brands are killing it this year, in my opinion. Jeffree Star just released a new colorful “Alien” palette & lipsticks that you can snag here. Speaking from owning some of his products, they are 100% worth the money. They are pigmented, great quality, vegan & cruelty free. James Charles just released a collaboration with Morphe that includes  bright shades for the adventurous beauty fan in your life as well as more neutral shades for the more toned down look enthusiast. Grab it here. Kylie Cosmetics is also releasing an extensive holiday collection, but it is not released yet. Follow Kyliecosmetics on instagram for updates! Get glam babes!

6. For the dad who has everything: 23 & me or a family tree.

Speaking from just knowing my dad, dads love this stuff. My dad ordered 23 and me a while ago & it was such an easy process & he was totally happy & intrigued with the results. I think it is so cool to get back information about your genetic predisposition to things as well as knowing how far back your blood lines goes & from where. If your dad already has done the process, like mine, steal the results & make a family tree for them to hang up in the house. Get a cool, rustic template from Etsy, like this one .

7. For the person obsessed with their cat/dog: animal portrait.

Having wall art in your home is a must, so why not put up a hand painted portrait of a beloved animal? If you type in “animal portrait” on Etsy you will find a lot of really beautiful & cheap hand painted options. That way you can find a color scheme that works for their home, as well as one that fits in your budget. If your friend is on the quirkier side, there is a plethora of shops on Etsy selling royal portraits of your animals. They will be dressed up as victorian queens or dukes. I personally think that’s hilarious.

8. For the coffee enthusiast: coffee of the month club.

Everyone loves coffee. Some prefer to get it everyday from Starbucks, some only will drink french press, whatever your preference is, coffee of the month club is a great idea for you. It is relatively cheap & will allow the caffeine fiend in your life to always have good quality coffee on hand & find what they like. It will also probably help them with saving money by not having to make the typical morning dunkin run. Check out a subscription here.

9. For the daughter who is an aspiring YouTuber: ring light or tripod.

There are really only 4 essentials for being a YouTuber: a tripod, a ring light, a camera, and a computer. Most aspiring YouTubers are young & can’t afford things like this not heir own. Help them out by getting a ring light for great selfie lighting here. Help them stabilize their camera & make make up tutorials hands free by snagging a tripod like this one.

10. For the boyfriend/girlfriend: a winter basket.

All over twitter you see couples gifting each other [instert season here] baskets. They’re cute, personal, cheap & easy to make. Just grab a cute basket from the target home section & fill it with goodies like their favorite candy, face masks, gift cards, champagne, anything that you know they like & will show that you listen. Fill it with little notes to make it more personal too.


Happy shopping & happy holidays!

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