Things I bought, tried, & loved this November.

The holiday season has begun! It is such a lovely time of gift giving, gift receiving, family, & love. In preparation for the holiday season I have been trying things that my family might like to receive as gifts, things I’ve received already, & just things I wanted to treat myself to in the spirit of the season. Here are my favorite things of November:

1. Boots from Fashion Nova.

I’ve been in a rut of wearing nothing but running shorts & hoodies so with the colder weather coming & more excuses to dress cute, I’ve been forcing myself to step out of my fashion comfort zone & dress like an actual adult. I was on the hunt for some cheetah print booties to go with my majority all black wardrobe, but was unsuccessful. Then I hit the jackpot on Fashion Nova with snakeskin booties. Not only are they super comfortable, they were cheap, but don’t look it. I love these boots & I will be wearing them as much as I can. Shop them here.

2. Chai tea.

I’m a fan of chai tea lattes. I love them. They are a staple fall flavor & they just make me so cozy & warm. But what doesn’t make me feel that way is my bank account after a week of Starbucks runs. I took it into my own hands to step out of the coffee morning routine I already have & try making my own chai lattes at home. I found a box of Chai tea concentrate at Publix & it changed my life. All you have to do is pour the concentrate into a mug, add some hot milk, & you’re good to go! I literally cannot tell the difference between Starbucks & homemade. Get the concentrate here or check your local grocery store.

3. Zara Clothing.

I was watching youtube fashion hauls & quickly figured out that fashion gurus LOVE Zara, & rightfully so. I stopped by a physical Zara store to check out what they hype was about, & now, I understand. My mother & I spent a solid hour just collecting anything we thought was cute & our arms were so full. Their clothing is affordable, chic, & fashionable. I got the coziest sweater/shirt (I’m actually wearing it as I type this) & a great pair of flare snakeskin print pants. They’re both new staple pieces for me & I can guarantee you I will be wearing them constantly until they fall apart. Grab a similar sweater here  & the pants here.

4. Gel manicures.

I grew up getting occasional manicures, but just recently have I actually cared about my nails & their appearance. Gel manicures are life changing. They are one of my favorite things in this world. They make me feel so put together & on top of my stuff. I know not everyone has a huge amount of disposable income, but if you an spare $25 bucks every month/3 weeks, I strongly recommend this. You’ll feel so great.

5. Home decorating YouTube videos.

This isn’t for everyone, but it is my new favorite video niche. It is so satisfying to watch people remake their space & decorate. It inspires me to clean & make my space mine. All I want to do is go to pier 1 & waste all of my money. I believe that your living space should be a perfect reflection of who you are. This is my latest obsession because it is hard to make my dorm room homey. If you need inspiration watch people on YouTube such as Rachelleea  or any of BuzzFeed videos multiple home improvement channels.

6. Canva.

Canva is an app & website that allows you to use remade templates to make your own stylish instagram stories, posts, YouTube thumbnails, whatever. This is great for anyone trying to promote their instagram, products, companies or anything you want to post that you want to be personalized & well put together. I use it constantly for announcements & instagram stories.

7. Influencer by Brittany Hennessy.

This book is an amazing read for anyone trying to grow their social media presence. Everyone loves using instagram so why not put a little more effort into it & make some money? Her book is very insightful & fact based. She hires influencers for a company so she knows exactly what they’re looking for. Her tips & guidelines are things I never would have thought of & they’re very helpful. I loved this book & finished it in about three days. Get it on amazon here.

I hope you enjoy everything on this last as much as I did. Happy Holidays!

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