How To Find Your Personal Style.

Finding your personal style is hard work when you have been wearing the same things for a while. You might just want to switch up your look, find clothes that really represent who you are, or be more fashion forward. Whatever your reasons are, there is a lot of work that goes into finding clothes and accessories that perfectly show off who you are. I am currently in the middle of finding my style. It is fun and interesting, but long and sometimes discouraging process. Here’s what I have learned so far while trying to find my perfect wardrobe:

1. Start with inspiration.

Inspiration is the key for most things. What clothes inspire you? What influencers constantly have you in a state of fashion envy? Those are clues to what you might want to imitate or incorporate into your style. I suggest finding fashionable influencers on Instagram and YouTube that you can draw from and use as a guide while you build your new look. I found this very helpful in deciding what aesthetic I know would work for me and show who I am, and what wouldn’t. YouTube videos of clothing hauls are very helpful as well. They can show you pieces that you may have seen online or in-store in a whole new light. This can also be helpful if you find a YouTube which your similar body type to see what you find flattering. Some pieces or styles you may have strayed from in the past because you didn’t think they would work for you, might be your new go to.

Some of my favorite fashion inspirations are InTheFrow HelloOctober and Patricia Bright

2. Get out of your comfort zone.

Everything is comfortable in your comfort zone, which is why it is so important to step out of it once in a while. Change is necessary, and often times uncomfortable. If you’re not content with your current fashion situation, it is time to step out of the box of what you know and start exploring the multitude of amazing things the fashion world has to offer. This might include wearing heels more often, accessorizing more, or wearing clothing you never thought you could rock before. trying new things will help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. If you love it, great! If you don’t, you still tried and confirmed that it doesn’t work for you. An exercise for this that I suggest would be next time that you go shopping, don’t pick up anything that you have something similar to in  your wardrobe. Pick up things that scare you, intrigue you, are different. try them on, buy them, return them if you don’t like them.

3. Start a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of things that you own that never go out of style. This can include jeans, skirts, blouses, anything. It is an idea that you have staple pieces of clothing that will always make you look fashionable and put together. You can add pieces that belong in each season and that are “in” to your closet, but you will always have at least, typically, 33 pieces that are a constant go-to. This will allow you to form outfit making skills and always have clear idea in your mind of what you own when buying new pieces so that you can have an outfit in mind instead of wasting money on a piece you can never wear.

4. keep up with trends, but keep your style constant.

Anyone can buy whats trendy right now, but keeping a similar look and aesthetic is what makes your style, your style. it is important to keep up with trends, not only to have one foot in the social door, but to also add to your own closet. Some trends might now be for you, and thats ok. What isn’t ok is only wearing something because it is trendy or not wearing something because it is trendy. I’m sure that you will find a new staple piece every season when new trends emerge. This will keep your style ever evolving and your creativeness going.

5. Love what you wear.

Your personal style should mean that everything you are wearing you should love. throughout my process I can actually feel myself grow more confident wit every new outfit I wear, knowing that it is all me, looks good, and feels good. This will change your mentality to be more confident and sure of yourself.

6. Know what to wear in every situation.

Balancing looks between work and play can be difficult. You should have a clear understanding of what clothing pieces belong in what social situations. Clothes made for work interviews are not the same clothes you wear on a coffee run. If you’re not sure what to wear to a wedding or out on a first date, google! Your outfit should make you stand out, but not be inappropriate in the setting you are in. Have staple pieces for every kind of event. You should have a nice blazer, blouse, and skirt/trousers for business formal events, with sensible, appropriate shoes. For daily life, wear what makes you comfortable and happy. Finding this balance and understanding of social situations will get you far.

I h=wish you happy shopping and the best at finding your style. You’ll look great!


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