Subtle Changes To Make When You’re Not Ready To Commit.

Change is a good thing, but it is also a difficult thing. Change in your life is what keeps life going, keeps you growing, & helps you learn. Changes to the appearance keep you inspired, confident, & out of your comfort zone. I recently felt stuck in a rut in every aspect of my life, so I decided to find things that inspire me, such as a new wardrobe, dying my hair, starting a bullet journal, getting a nose ring, whatever. All of the changes I made have bettered me as a person, as I am happier & working towards new goals that I’ve set for myself. Here are some little changes you can make to your everyday life that will better you without flipping your whole world around:

1. Try a new style.

Changing up your wardrobe can be so refreshing & inspiring. Even just styling the clothes you have in a new way will change your mental attitude. For me, dressing up & actually putting effort into my appearance & what I wear makes me feel more prepared to take on whatever the day will throw at me. Take the leap & try something new!

2. Switch up your hair.

Everyone knows that you can tell a woman is going through it when she changes her hair, that’s because change is a good thing & creates a whole new aura to yourself. It can change the way you feel about yourself, in such a big way with such a little change. If you’re too scared to permanently dye your hair, you can talk to your hairdresser about a gloss, which is a dye that only lasts about 6 month or try a spray or hair chalk such as this one. This way you can test out new colors & see what is working for you without breaking the bank or hating the outcome. Same things goes with cutting you hair or getting bangs. talk to your hairdresser about what they think or get clip in bangs to see what you would look like.

3. Pick up a new hobby.

If you’re not sure that you’re ready to commit to a full time gym membership, bullet journaling, or becoming a dedicated Yogi, you can test drive almost every hobby you can think of. Use YouTube to look up yoga videos to see if it’s for you. try working out at home for a week to make sure that you’re going to stay dedicated & consistent. Start using a regular planner to check & use everyday before you commit to a bullet journal. Trying out a hobby before you commit will allow you to make sure it’s for you, save you money before spending it on equipment/memberships, & you can test out a plethora of hobbies until you find the ones that actually truly speak to you.

4. Test out a new diet.

It’s a fact, whatever you put into your body influences the way you feel. I personally struggle with my weight, but eating healthy has changed my life for the better. I’m not tired, cranky, sluggish or anything anymore. I’m not suggesting crash dieting or any sort of diet trend, but changing up what you eat might change you in a significant way, whether your goal is just to be healthier or to lose weight. If you’ve been intrigued by going vegetarian/vegan start off by doing meatless Monday for a couple of weeks. Make it a goal for yourself to cook at home every week day. Wake up earlier to make yourself a good breakfast & pack lunch. This will help you create healthy habits as well as feel better physically, & bank account wise.

5. Switch up your makeup routine.

Switching up your makeup routine may sound scary, but even something as subtle as trying a new lip color every day or wearing winged liner can completely change a look. Finding new techniques that work for you will make you feel beautiful & put together. You don’t have to be a beauty guru to get into makeup, try changing up your base eyeshadow colors, using a brow gel, anything you can to find your new favorites that you can incorporate into your everyday look.

6. Take free online classes.

I know that in my state, Florida, there is a website called FLVS where you can take a multitude of classes that don’t mean anything. You could also take them through your college as electives, but it will cost you. Taking online classes will help you learn new materials & skills the may lead you to new interest in your life.

Good luck on your changes & I hope they make you feel like the best version of you. Life is nothing without change, embrace it!

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