If You Don’t Like It, Change It.

This is honestly a note to myself, but I believe it can apply to all of us. We all have things in our lives that we can improve on, but don’t for whatever reason. Here’s to no excuses & being a better you:

There are some things in life that are not the best, or make us upset, but they are not changeable or fixable. But, there are many things in life that we can change if we don’t like them. I personally do not think you should be allowed to constantly harbor anger & complain about something daily that you have the ability to change.

I don’t mean you don’t like the pace your job is going at right now, or your best friends new boyfriend sucks. I’m talking about things like weight, work ethic, organization, time management, all things people struggle with & complain about but never seem to fix.

It is up to you to make these changes. If something is bothering you & you do nothing, you have no right to be upset about it or complain. You are making the conscious choice to put up with something that is fixable. Everything in your life is the way it is because of choices you make & things you do. You are the way you are because of the way you decided to handle things that life threw at you.

This year, month, week, today even, take charge of your life. Start counting calories, buy a planner, wake up earlier. Push yourself to be the better version of yourself that you want to be. You owe it to yourself to make the changes that are holding you back & making you unhappy. If you’ve been needing a sign, this is it.

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