If you’re stressing about life after school, relax.

I’m the first one to stress about life after college and life in college. I take notes for the next week of class the week before. I record the professor so I don’t miss anything they say. I check my canvas app like it’s my religion. I’m on top of my game most of the time, but at the cost of constant busy-ness and tiredness. Sometimes I miss out on fun things with friends. I miss an episode of my favorite show. All for good reason of wanting to maintain a good gpa, but honestly, I need to relax.

We all do. I constantly hear my peers complaining about how much they have to do, how experience is the only way to get a job but you have to be experienced to gain experience. All things that are essential to life after college, but so is enjoying the life you’re living.

It’s ok to not be a week ahead in your classes. It’s ok to take a break. Go out with friends. You need it to become a person, make memories, form relationships. Not everything has to be go go go all of the time. You can switch your major at any point in your college career. You can skip a class. There probably aren’t going to be long term consequences. But there will be if you don’t take time for yourself or miss out on the best years of your life (supposedly).

This was just a reminder for myself and for all of my fellow students, relax. Don’t be so serious all of the time. Were so young with so much to accomplish and experience. Go out and do those things. You can do it all.

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