My Favorite Fashion Trends Of The Moment.

Fashion is a huge part of who you are as a person. It is a way to express yourself without words. The way you dress is one of the first impressions you give off when you meet someone. People will make assumptions about you based off of the way you are dressed, so it’s important to make sure you’re giving off the impressions you want to give off. It’s ok to have messy days or relaxing days, obviously. But, I found that when I dress better, I feel better. I’m still trying to pin down my own personal style so I follow all of the influencers on Instagram that post pictures and make me want to go out and buy exactly what they’re wearing. I check fashion pages, websites, and look at the fashionable peers around me every day.

Here are some of the trends I have notices, tried, and loved. They work for me, they might not for you, but any inspiration is good inspiration, right?

1. Teddy Jackets.


I have not been able to go to class in the past two weeks without passing at least two girls wearing teddy jackets. I bought one in October but never thought I could pull it off, but I finally did and it was amazing. Teddy jackets are fluffy “teddy bear” material jackets. They are essentially bomber jackets or 3/4 zip jackets with a really comfortable texture. They keep you warm and effortlessly stylish with leggings and sneakers. The pinnacle of winter athleisure. I got mine off of amazon here. But you can find them pretty much anywhere now.

2. Cargo pants.


Ok I know this sounds very 2000’s-esque, but hear me out. I’m not talking dad-day-off wear that hits right below the knee and has 900 pockets, I’m talking cinched at the waist and tapered at the ankle, flattering on everyone, cargo pants. I saw a pair on Asos  and thought they looked so cool. I often see them on YouTube fashion Gurus doing hauls and such, but also my peers. These type of pants paired with a tight strapless or spaghetti strapped, square neck body suit, and some killer boots, looks amazing. I highly suggest for a casual but put together look.

3. Neutrals.

I am and always will be, an all black outfit girl. But, that being said, there is something so elegant and beautiful about neutral colors. The way they pair with gold jewelry (my metal of choice) is lovely. I am a huge fan of neutral tone sweaters at the moment, I think they’re refreshing from the all black aesthetic I’ve acquired but also not so stand-out ish that it’s completely out of my comfort zone.

4. The half tuck.

I’m sure you’ve seen this term somewhere if you follow any type of fashion influencer. The term “hard tuck” means exactly what you think it means, tucking in only half of the shirt your wearing into your pants, leaving the back untucked. You can also tuck it into the car near of your pants. As simple as it is, it is an amazing way to style your clothes. It turns frumpy sweaters into a chic put together outfit. I find it to be a very flattering silhouette for every body type.

5. Layered necklaces.


Layering jewelry is  no new concept, but the art of layering necklaces is a newer trend that I am obsessed with. It turns a t-shirt and jeans day into a good fashion day. It allows you to step up your game with minimal effort. It’s the 2019 version of the statement necklace. I would advise not to go crazy and follow the simple guidelines: 1 choker, 1 normal length necklace (about an inch lower than the choker), and a longer necklace (about an inch longer than the normal necklace). It also looks better, in my opinion, to not mix metals, but if that’s your thing, you go girl.

All of my other style choices are pretty old and consistent, but these are the 5 ways I have decided to spice up my wardrobe recently. Keep an eye out from your favorite influencers to catch trends you want to try out yourself! Never be afraid to try something new, it could be your new favorite look!



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