How To Stay Ahead.

My whole life, I’ve been taught that time management and preparation were the keys to success. I am so grateful my parents taught me all of the life skills I needed to know and I am grateful I pushed myself to find the motivation and work ethic I have today. I am on top of my classes, always prepared, and organized. This sounds like bragging, but they are skills I am proud of and utilize to reach my goals constantly.

Here are a few  ways I stay ahead, organized, and prepared academically and in every day life:

1. Get and use a good planner.

Having a good planner plays a huge role in how I stay on top of things. I also use my phone reminders, but a paper, physical planner is my key go to. I use the day planner, which I have talked about in previous blogs, but I love it so much that I am promoting it again. At the beginning of every semester, when I get all of my syllabi, I got to each month, put in all of my assignments, then go through and put the assignments on each individual day. I check my online course calendar quite frequently, but having it written down solidifies it in my mind and helps me be aware of due dates and planning accordingly. I also put down appointments, events, meetings, and everything else down on a time table that is provided daily by the planner. This allows me to plan my day hour-by-hour and really utilize my time.

2. Make and constantly update your resume.

Having a resume is critical. Making one when you first start college and updating it every semester is one of the best things you can do for yourself. That way, when you’re looking for internships or applying for jobs, you don’t have to worry about rushing to make one, or update it. Employers will see this as you are prepared and reliable, and you will have less stress trying to land opportunities.

3. Study before you think you need to.

This one is important because it works for me. I always found that when I thought I had to study for a test only 2-3 days before, I would push it off, something world come up, or whatever and I wouldn’t prepare myself for exams enough. I have now started making my own study guides for every chapter I read for an exam the week we read it and doing the professor supplied study guide the day it comes out. This allows me to get adequate time to study and way less stress. Instead of cramming for the night before, block out an hour every day for a whole week before the test and you should be golden.

4. Find your own opportunities.

Waiting around for an employer to email you or to see a flier the day of an event will you et you no where, You have to take actions into your own hands and make your own future. You have to find what you’re passionate about and look for internships and jobs on your own. Find what works for you. You will get so many opportunities and experiences when you realize that life doesn’t wait for you.

5. Time management.

I have written about this before and I will write about it forever. Time management is one of the most important skills a person will have. Believe it or not, there are enough hours in the day! If you take the time to plan out your days/weeks, you will not be constantly stressed by having so much to do on one day or not have enough you time.

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