An Open Letter To Mom, For All You Have Taught Me.

My mom just recently celebrated her 50th birthday (and looked damn good while doing it) so I wanted to write something for her as a way of showing even an inkling of how much she means to me. This is specifically for my mom, but I’m sure some of the lessons & feelings of admiration I have for this woman resonate with you & your mom.

Dear mom,

You are the best woman I know. I mean that with every part of me. I wake up every day so grateful that I get to continue to learn from and love you. You are so strong. The way you handle what life throws at you. The way you handled Poppop’s passing & family dynamic changes. How you handle friendships straining & just every day challenges. You taught me that not everything deserves a reaction, and if it does, take the high road. You taught me that everything can be handled through calm communication & saying how you feel. That taught me that everything I do feel, and why I feel that way is ok, but I should never let negativity rule my life. There is beauty in everything. Everything is a lesson or a blessing, and even though we are immensely blessed, there is nothing more rewarding than hard work. You made me form my own worth ethic, but showed me the ropes with how dedicated and incredibly brilliant you are. You are so smart you don’t even know. You’re so funny, though dad thinks I get my wit from him. You laugh about everything & lighten up the room. You know how to brighten my day. You are tough when you need to be, but loving all of the time. You taught me to be gentle and firm with all things in life. You are the epitome of a strong woman. You’re the backbone of the family. You’re there for me when I am having a hard time, but you are also there to remind me that some things are my fault and I need to deal with the consequences of my actions. You make this family the best family anyone could ask for. You raised two happy, dedicated, successful young women who can only hope to grow up to be like you. I know you didn’t have the easiest upbringing & life gets hard, but you make life so much better and I am so grateful to know you. There are so many more lessons you taught me and so many more to learn. Im so happy to go through life with you as my guide. Happy birthday mom. I love you more than anything.

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