Hitting A Rut is Ok.

I post on here about how to stay motivated, organized, and honestly just have a great life,  but, it isn’t always the reality of it. I have been in a rut myself for about 3 weeks. I stopped going to the gym, my sleep schedule is so out of whack, and I just don’t feel like the person I was 3 weeks ago, and that’s ok.

Hitting a plateau is normal, it is something everyone goes through. Yes,  I haven’t been thriving so much lately, but I have the willpower and motivation now to recognize this halt in my life and begin to look for things that inspire me and force myself to do things that I don’t want to do. That is what separates the successful from everyone else.

You can do this too. You may be denying you are in a rut. You might be blaming it on the seasons or just fatigue, but the first step is recognizing that you need a change. Self-reflection is a very helpful practice.

Realizing you need a change is the easy step. The hard part is re-lighting the fire of inspiration and finding that motivation to get back on to your grind. Make a plan, understand what it is you need to do, and do it. It’s hard, it really it, but you need to do it for you. I

I am so not me right now, and my main push is to feel like me again. Take some time to recoup, but never lose sight of your goals. You can do it, I know you can. Good luck on your journey, I’m proud of you.

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