Things I bought, tried, & loved in February.

Disclaimer: all opinions on my own. I am not sponsored.

I am always looking for things to better myself and my life. I constantly like to try or buy things to see if they’re worth it, so here is what I found was worth it this month:

1. Podcasts.

I cannot believe I have waited this long to listen to podcasts. I am actually irrationally angry at myself for living under a rock for this long. Podcasts are so much fun to listen to! I listen to them in the shower, while I’m getting ready, in the car, walking to class… pretty much all of the time. I’m a person that needs constant noise, whether that’s tv on while I study or whatever. Podcasts are funny, informative, anything you want them to be! My current favorites are “why won’t you date me?” By Nicole Byer and “Gals on the Go” by Danielle Carolan & Brooke Miccio. They are funny, relatable, and just so entertaining.

2. A new razor.

I am a girl that likes smooth legs & pits. That’s fine, but razor burn and discomfort can suck. I bought This razor off of amazon & it’s life changing. I don’t need soap or anything as a buffer because it has built in gel to help guide your shave. It’s 5 blades get such a close shave and no cuts! My razor burn is near non existent. 10/10 recommended. It comes with a handle & two blades for a really great price & it’s delivered right to your house!

3. Instacart.

I was going to publix spending a ton of money about twice a week. Eating healthy adds up! But with instacart I get groceries from anywhere (even Costco if you don’t have a card!) delivered in a window of time I choose on a day that I choose. It takes away the hassle of planning a grocery trip, driving, and traffic. I also find myself spending way less money because I’m not physically In the store just mindlessly grabbing things I don’t actually need. Your first two weeks of delivery are free too!

4. Cooking.

Meal prepping still has a place in my heart, but I’ve been in a rut lately and found that forcing myself to cook is working wonders. Honestly cooking with my boyfriend or roommates is my favorite part of the day.

5. Not using heat on my hair.

I usually straighten my hair constantly. I am just not a fan of my natural hair. This month I took a break from heat tools & my my hair feels so much better. I’ve been using an Aveno hair mask every second wash after not washing for two days. My curls are coming back and it feels softer. If you’re struggling with dead ends or texture problems try taking a heat break and trim those ends!

6. Poshmark.

I had never used poshmark before but I see ads all of the time. I decided to sell some things on there and take a look around. It’s a great website for new or used fashion for way less than you would find it anywhere else. It is so easy to find what you’re looking for, they have deals on shipping all of the time, and they notify you when they’re having a sale on your favorite brands! Here’s my account: @mxdisonyoung

I hope you all found things you loved this month! Here’s so a lovely March!

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