University Fashion Trends – Spring 2019

Fashion is an industry that is constantly evolving and changing. New trends pop up every day depending on influencers/models/celebrities and what they are wearing. Here are some of the spring 2019 trends I have noticed on my Instagram feed and around campus. I love some of these trends, but some of them I am not the biggest fan of. Fashion is a personal choice and there is always room for personality and individuality with styling choices. It is not my job to tell you what to wear, I am here to keep you up to date and showcase new ways to wear things that may appeal to you! Happy shopping!

1. Neck Scarves.

Neck scarves are an accessory that I visualize synonymously with the Audrey Hepburn era. They are making a big come back and can add an effortlessly cool or elegant tone to any outfit you are wearing.


I recently bought this one from forever21 but you can find them virtually anywhere in any color/pattern that suits your aesthetic.

2. Dainty/meaningful jewelry.

This trend I have mentioned before and I feel like I will mention it again in the future. In recent years, statement necklaces have left the building. Layering and sporting symbolic, delicate gold and silver chains/charms have taken a stand. It is so easy to layer necklaces in various lengths and metals to achieve the look you are going for. Alex and Ani I believe have contributed enormously to the rise of meaningful pieces. I have this bracelet that I share with my twin, who has the same one, to remind us we always have each other. There is something empowering about wearing jewelry that has a meaning and mantra.


3. Tortoise Shell.

Tortoiseshell earrings, sunglasses, buttons, barrettes, anything. I see it everywhere and I am here for it. Tortoiseshell is a simple, classy way to add dimension to an outfit. It adds a layer of mixed, cool colors that allow a wearing to combine black and brown effectively without being overbearing. I have these earrings from Amazon and wear them with all black to add to my other gold jewelry and spice up my look. They pair well with all neutrals and look very natural. I am a huge fan of this trend. Tortoiseshell is a neutral subset in my eyes. It is neutral with a flare.


Obviously, all Items I have purchased have been acrylic, not actual tortoiseshell. It’s 2019 people, we’re not here for animal cruelty.

4. Sundresses – reinvented.

Ok, maybe reinvented isn’t the right word, but for my idea of what a typical sundress looks like, This new trend reinvents it for me. A sundress is the perfect, simple way to dress up with minimal effort as well as stay cool. I live in Florida. It is hot. I was never the biggest fan of sundresses, but the range of styles that have come out recently have changed my mind. There are wrap dresses, maxi dresses, cotton, silk (which I don’t personally recommend, not super breathable or sweat resistant). I recently purchased this one from Amazon, but if you go on to any sort of fast fashion website, you will find a sundress that works for your style, budget, and body. Show those legs, ladies!



5. Platform sandals.

I have not personally tried this trend (thank Steve Madden for only have pre-order right now lol), But It is a cute new way to add the height of a low stiletto, with the comfort of a sandal. These are EVERYWHERE on campus, and I have yet to see them styled in a way that I personally dislike.


6. Belt Bags.

These are glorified fanny packs. I love them. I have always been pro-fanny pack. Easily accessible? Check. Fits everything? Check. Now fashionable? CHECK! This new trend moves away from the 40-year-old with 12 kids at Disney look and moves into the Fashionista with a wallet, phone, and lipstick all placed elegantly on her waist look. It is so easy and such a practical choice. Big bags are a thing of the past, though a good purse is always a wardrobe staple.



Check back for more trends to come. Style away!

Disclaimer: all opinions and observations are my own.

Featured Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


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