Who To Follow – Health/Beauty Top 4 Edition.

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. These are influencers that I have found and followed on my own and genuinely enjoy and appreciate their content. The order is not in favoritism, just random. I linked all profiles in all paragraphs about the influencer.

Everyone has their favorite people to watch/follow on Instagram/YouTube/Pinterest/Social media in general. I have a couple of influencers in each category of beauty/health, fashion, lifestyle, studying, and inspiration that I follow religiously. Here are my top influencers of the moment in the health/beauty section that I feel guide me in the right direction and inspire me:

1. @skincareaholic_ on Instagram.

Mikala has 6k followers on her Instagram page dedicated to all things skincare, and honestly, I am shocked she doesn’t have more. If you’re like me, the skincare section of Ulta and Sephora are nothing but nightmare fuel. I start to panic, “what skin type even am I?” “will this break me out?” “can I trust the reviews?” No matter the intensity of research and self-awareness of my skin that I have before even stepping foot into the store, I freak. I end up using the same products I have been using for way too long because I have no idea where to start. Mikala has changed that. She gives amazing reviews of high-end and low-end brands to appeal to everyone. She tells you what works for her skin (which is listen in the bio!) and what doesn’t. Her page is aesthetically pleasing with texture pics, beautiful layouts, and immense variation. Following her gave me the piece of mind I needed to figure out what works on real people and what to look for in a skincare routine.


2. @JVN on Instagram (Jonathan Van Ness – Queer Eye).

If you have seen Queer Eye (which I strongly recommend for everyone, it is actually life changing) then you know the beautiful, silken-haired god that is Jonathan. He not only helps better the participants of Queer Eyes lives by introducing grooming methods that work for them in their lifestyle, but he also does that for his Instagram followers! While he doesn’t exactly post products or reviews quite frequently, his tips from the show and his stories do wonders for your outlook on what grooming means for you and how it can change your life. His exuberant and infectious personality brightens my day and my Instagram feed. He is probably my most recommended influencer on this list.


3. @GlowbySNO on Instagram (Samantha Olson).

Samantha is an aspiring makeup Guru that I met through the Odyssey of UCF. I was not asked to promote her, I am genuinely inspired by her makeup skills. She is small influencer currently, but she is hard working and incredibly talented. Her makeup inspires me to be more creative in my everyday looks. Her art reminds me that not every day has to be the same and I can spice up my life by just adding a killer lash or cut crease. It is important to promote those who inspire you, especially those who are just finding their footing in the industry they love. Her work is amazing and I look forward to every post to inspire me a little bit more.


4. @whitneyysimmons on Instagram.

Whitney is a fitness guru and honestly, I think she is my favorite on out there. She gives amazing, doable workout videos pretty much daily as well as testing out workout gear and sharing some of her diet. She is relatable, really great to watch on YouTube, and makes my fitness journey a little bit easier. Her body is goals, I mean that in the most non-basic way. She is strong and healthy. She knows what works for her and how to share her tips and journey with the world in a digestible, non-intimidating way. I highly recommend for those of you till on your journey and need guidance in the weightlifting/ achievable goals territory.



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