An Open Letter To Myself & You.

This is an open letter to myself and to you. It’s honestly more of an identity crisis vent in and of itself but I feel like I needed to write down my thoughts and reminders. I would usually write something like this for myself only, but you never know who needs to hear something sometimes. So, if you take the time to read this, I hope you find something that resonates with you.

Dear us,

Being a young adult is a hard transition period in your life. Being a woman can be hard sometimes. With all of the hardships of trying to figure yourself out, deal with societal pressures, peer pressure, and self-pressure. I feel the need to be so on top of my game all of the time. Have the perfect grades, Instagram, relationship, life. But, you don’t. It is impossible to be perfect. Granted, I work very hard for my GPA, but even sometimes the work I put in doesn’t translate to the transcripts. I can do as many math problems as I want, but I swear I don’t have the part of my brain that grasps it. That’s ok. I need to remember to celebrate the classes I am good at and thoroughly enjoy. Grades aren’t everything.

I try hard to make my social media presence perfect. That’s not relatable either. Sure I can filter and take 90000 pictures of the same pose, but just because I post good pictures doesn’t mean life is perfect. I skip the gym. I lack motivation sometimes. I compare myself to other women. But, then I remember that their life isn’t perfect either. They only post the good things, the picture perfect moments. But like me, I’m sure they struggle.

I have friends that are getting internships and job interviews. I feel a bit like you’re behind the curve. But, I need to be happy for them. They deserve this and I am happy for them. You are on your own path. Your success and their success only have a correlating pattern in the way you should be celebrating each other.

I haven’t dropped as much weight as I’d like to. I had a set back with cushings. Seeing myself work so hard and not make any progress really took a toll on my motivation. I can’t let that stop me. if I let everything that was out of my control stop me from moving forward, I would never achieve anything. I need to remember why I started and what my goals are. I need to find that drive again, and I will.

You have time, not everything has to be perfect always. Struggle, make mistakes, work harder, and learn. It’ll work out if you work.

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