How I Dealt With Burn-Out.

Hello, long time no read. This is more of an update post for why I have been so very absent from the blog. I just want to say I am back, and I am ready to produce good quality, well thought out blogs that I am proud to publish.

Starting March, I began to feel very not like myself. The woman who would be passed out by 11:30pm would now not be able to fall asleep any time before 3am. I was waking up groggy at 10-11am instead of my usual chipper 7;30-8am. It was my first sign that I was burnt out, but I didn’t accept it. Part of what comes with a good work ethic and slight perfectionist personality is the guilt that I am never doing enough, or good enough. For me physically, I was doing a lot. For me mentally, I needed to do more.

I stopped going to the gym, stopped wearing makeup, I was tired all of the time. I was everything I was not. It frustrated me, it made me question my goals, my motivation, what I thought I wanted to do. I gave in. I just studied and slept. No creative outlets, no escape, no purpose.

I knew it would all change when I finally got a break, and it did. I am the happiest I have been all year right now because I allowed myself to take the time, breathe, sort myself out, and get motivated again.

If you are burnt out or in a rut, reprioritize, rest, and start anew.

So, get ready for new content and a better me. Thank you for reading and being patient.

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