The Digital Age & Internet Literacy.

The age of digital media, social media, and the internet are one of the most profound, amazing, things that have happened in all of the histories of the world. But, with great power comes great responsibility. We have the world at our fingertips, why are we, as millennials, Gen Z-er’s, and Gen Y-er’s not fully utilizing that power?

This era of our lives is very politically and socially charged. There has not been a day since November 2016 that I have not heard arguments, insults, and slander thrown out from and to every side of the political/social spectrum. Everyone has opinions, which is great, but not everyone is educated.

I am not saying that you need a Ph.D. or even a high school diploma to be educated on world events. You don’t need to be 45 with “life experience.” You need to understand the facts and the sources you are forming your opinions based off of. That is called internet literacy. My generation seems to lack the skill.

There is nothing wrong with having immense feelings for a subject you have formed an opinion on, but your argument or discussion with me will be deemed invalid in my eyes if you cannot back up your argumentative or talking points with reliable, factual evidence. Think of real-life discussions as a scholarly paper, Wikipedia doesn’t count as a source, and neither should an influencers twitter account.

What I mean by that, as not to discredit influencers and bloggers alike, but they have different areas of expertise. I would trust Kendall Jenner with what style of sunglasses are in, but I would fact check her twitter rant about the war on drugs. You have to take every single thing with a grain of salt.

Anyone can publish anything on the internet, like me posting this blog, 99% of what I write is opinion, not fact. My word isn’t law, but everything I write is truthful to who I am and what I want to accomplish. Not everyone has as clear of morals and agenda.

With this article I just want you to take away a few things. Never trust anything you read at face value on the internet. Always question everything. use google to your advantage. Never stop seeking knowledge. It is your job to educate yourself and make sure your opinions are as well formulated as they can be.


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