How I Organize My Closet.

One of the hardest parts of coming home for the summer is unpacking. I love re-adjusting to home life but honestly, have a mini-crisis every time I think about how I want to arrange my college clothes back in with the clothes I left at home.

Here is how I am still organizing and trimming the fat of my closet at home.

1. Clean Out House.

Before I even unpack anything, I go through the remaining clothes in my closet at home and donate all of the clothes I haven’t worn in a long time, don’t see myself wearing again, or don’t fit me anymore. This allows me to fully visualize my style and not have clutter taking up space with clothes I will actually wear. Don’t hold on to old clothing items unless they mean a lot, you will never wear them if you haven’t in the last 6 months.

2. Matching hangers, all facing the same direction.

This is such a little detail that makes all of the difference. For me, the uniformity of all white hangers is a classic look that makes finding clothes easier because you are focusing on the clothes, not the wonky hangers. As a rule of thumb, always have your clothes facing you. If you are right-handed, your clothes should be facing left as you take them out to look at them. Vice versa for lefties.

3. Sort by type of clothing, then color.

My closet starts with denim, skirts,  dresses, tee shirts, blouses, and jackets. In those respective areas of types of clothing, I then go from light to dark, right to left. This makes it easier for me to pick out pieces that will go well color wise with what I also plan on wearing as well as aesthetically pleasing.

4. Shoe Placement.

I arrange my shoes, which are on a shelf above my closet, in order of how often I wear them, Then color. I put the left shoe facing the wall and the right shoe facing me so I can see the details and heel height of all of my shoes.

5. Marie Kondo folding method.

For my dresser, I have a sock, underwear, and bra drawer just separated into their respective areas. Then I have workout clothes, leggings, shorts, and denim shorts. Those are separated by style and color as well. Then bathing suits. In those drawers then are folded, Marie Kondo style, so I can see the labels and brands and what article of clothing is what. I can see all of the clothes in one drawer instead of stacked on top of each other.

6. Have a tray of last minute touches.

I keep my jewelry, perfume, and chapstick on my dresser for when I am about to run out the door and need the last touch or freshening up.


Happy cleaning!


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