Personal Grooming – Why It Is Important.

Being a woman is a lot of work. We have the societal pressure to look good all of the time. This is a BS rule of society that no one needs to listen to. But, for me, I feel better when I am my definition of well-groomed.  None of us look perfect all of the time, though some of us try. It feels good to dress up, wear what I call “real people clothes”, do my makeup and hair. These are all daily grooming habits that make me feel on top of the world. Looking good is feeling good, and feeling good is looking good. Little things like these make me feel unstoppable, even when I am in my daily uniform of sweatpants and a band shirt. Here are the habits I have acquired to make me feel the best I can.

1. Manicured Nails.

I get my nails done professionally every 2-3 weeks. I know not everyone can afford this,  that is totally normal, you can still have great nails. Having well-manicured nails is a status symbol that screams “I have my shit together.” It shows you take the time to put effort into a small, minuscule detail of you as a whole, that makes you feel good, and look more put together. To me, having chipped nail polish is the worst, I feel almost that I have neglected a part of me that everyone sees. It just makes me feel better. To achieve this just make sure that you have filed, clipped nails, and well-maintained cuticles. Polish isn’t even necessary to look thoughtful of your appearance.

2. Shaped Eyebrows.

Ok, I get this is a weird one, but I think the most self-conscious part of my body, is my eyebrows. I am naturally blonde so no makeup=no eyebrows. To me, eyebrows are one of the focal points of the face. They ring everything together, they’re a huge part of today’s beauty culture. Plucking, waxing, whatever your small form of torture is to make sure those brows are in tip-top shape, make me feel better.

3. Done Hair.

I am not a fan of unruly root colors, that is a personal preference. keeping and having a hair color that works with you is a lovely feeling. I don’t have my hair done all of the time. I have naturally very curly hair which I do not like. I straighten and re-curl my hair all of the time. But, when I don’t, I like to make sure I have well-constructed buns or ponytails. I hate fly aways and usually use a hair accessory to keep things at bay. You can have a killer outfit and makeup, but your hair not being done could throw the whole thing off. My rule of thumb is, “if it’s not done, put it in a bun.” I use hairspray and a toothbrush to make sure my curls are ruly and keep flyaways down. I think a cute headband, bandana, or clip can elevate your simple look in a huge way.

4. Chapstick is your friend.

Chapped lips not only feel terrible but don’t look amazing either. The flaky skin is not a look. I go through chapstick like crazy because I have naturally dry lips and I hate the feeling of chapped lips. It makes applying lipstick easier and look better, it isn’t uncomfortable, and it’s also another beauty community go-to. Lips and lip injections are increasingly popular, so people take notice.

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