Word Of The Month: Create

Preparing for June is a fun time. School is out, summer is around us, and life is light. I chose the word ”Create” because that is the word I chose to embody this month. Life is nothing without creation.

Cre-atebring (something) into existence.

Creating something doesn’t always have the connotation of art. It can mean creating a better home life or relationships with those around you. It can mean creating a better schedule and maximizing your days to do everything you want to do. But, it can also mean sitting down and creating a work of art that makes your soul feel invigorated.

There are many ways to interpret this word and what it means for you and your lifestyle. However you choose to think of this word and let it inspire you, I hope it betters your life. I am going to run with this word in the sense of creating a version of me I want to be right now.


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