The Rise of The Social Media influencer & The Potential Downfall.

The job title of “social media influencer” is still relatively new. A social media influencer is someone who influences their followers on social media. The big names in the business have millions or hundreds of thousands of followers,  but anyone with any number of followers is considered an influencer if their audience is engaging in their content and listen to what they have to say.

Young people and young adults are the bulk of those we consider influencers, even though there is a niche for everyone. We all have people we trust and listen to on social media. We love their style, want their beauty tips, and are thirsty for a life that is oh-so-perfect as theirs. This is where the issue lies.

We see snatched waists, designer clothes, trips to Paris, PR packages, flawless skin. Most of it isn’t real. They try to sell us products that they don’t even use (cough, cough ProActive and Kendall Jenner) so that we can live the life they are. It is false advertising and harmful to those who cannot see the facade.

Everyone wants to be a social media influencer, and those who have already established themselves in this new world, want more. A lot of influencers are editing their pictures, promoting unhealthy products, and just sharing misinformation to the masses that idolize them. They are only sharing the positive aspects of their life and giving an illusion that if you have the best body, hair, whatever, you have the best life. This is giving people a false sense of hope that if they do everything they can to be physically perfect, their life will be perfect. Now, this isn’t entirely the influencers issue or fault.

We, as consumers, need to be more cautious and rational. I have seen more people calling out social media bs lately which is nice, but at the same time, the influencers have the right to share only what they want to. This could be the downfall of the social media influencer, consumers becoming smarter.

Sharing detox teas and sub-par yet expensive skin care is no longer acceptable. People are looking into what their role models are promoting and seeing it for what most of it is, a way to make fast money.

The influencers that are still thriving are those that only promote things they believe in and show their real lives. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your money easily or show off your life through rose-colored glasses, but when you have so many people so susceptible to the things you are sharing with them, it is your responsibility to do it ethically.


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