Journalism Re-Defined.

Journalism has always been a way for ethical professionals to share the truth and current news with the general public. Unbiased, factual, news. This no longer stands true, in my opinion. It is no longer safe to take the news at face value. People are sharing information (opinion mostly) on social media and people are taking it as fact.

This is a huge problem for our generation. Everyone has an agenda, and they are pushing it on you. Politics are so segregated that now you can only watch certain news stations depending on how you lean politically. People are sharing cropped videos and edited pictures and skewing the truth, or just flat out creating a non-existent scenario to aggravate those not in line with their views. Social media influencers are sharing false tips, sharing their views that may not be factually backed, and influencing those who don’t know better.

This created segregation and violence towards people who are arguing facts that aren’t true. This means no one is moving forward with important issues because you don’t know who to trust or what sources are reputable so you don’t want to engage in conversation about controversial topics. This hinders us as a society tremendously.  We should be able to engage with our peers and have differing opinions without causing a huge scene. It doesn’t allow the youth to be cultured and educated because people my age either don’t care about the news or are getting hard pressed biased news or “fake news.”

It doesn’t matter how you live or which way you lean politically, this issue involves you and you should be mad. You should be mad that the media is pitting everyone against each other. You should be mad the average consumer has to fact check their own news sources. You should be mad that people are getting swayed by fake statistics and it is hurting us as a society (ex: anti-vaxxers). This is your issue too. We need to be more diligent about where we get out news and we need to hold journalist accountable.

Check your sources, educate yourself, and hold others accountable for what they are arguing. The only way we can get better as a society is to take matters into our own hands and make sure we are getting the right information, and hopefully, the media will follow.

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