Book Of The Month – July

I have made it a personal goal of mine to read more in 2019. It’s a simple goal that I know a lot of people have set, but in the age of cellphones and laptops, it can be hard to un-glue yourself from Netflix and actually take the time to read.

My main focus genre-wise recently has been self-help, empowerment, and overall just becoming the best version of yourself and finding ways to better your life. That is what brought me to the book “Get It Together” By Lauren Berger. I love this book and everything it embodies so much.

This book is like a swift kick in the pants, necessary and jolting, but with pillows for shoes, so it’s comforting and helpful. If that makes any sense. It is completely life changing but not in an overwhelming way. She’s relatable, she admits to mistakes she has made and shares how she fixed them. It makes you feel not so alone while pushing you to become one of a kind.

She gives step-by-step details to she organizes her life to be efficient and successful but also stresses how everyone has a different schedule that works the best for them. She shows you how she manages a business as well as a home life.

Everything in the book was helpful, useful, and inspiring. I will be reading it again like, tonight. Check it out here.

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