How To Feel Put Together – Physically & Mentally.

There are so many ways, tips, and tricks that make you feel put together, whatever that means for you. For me, being put together means having an organized todo list, checking all of it off, being productive in all areas, and looking good while doing it. When I feel put together and look put together, I actually am way more productive and happy. This is what is known as “fake it, till you make it.” The most powerful placebo is confidence, and it works so well.

Here are the little things I do to feel put together mentally and physically, meaning I am on top of my game, I feel in control, and I thrive.

1. Make a todo list in your planner.

Making a todo list is the first step, whether it’s on a sticky note or the notes of your phone, but I feel most put together when I use a planner. This allows me to have a time table of my day, check things off, have notes, daily gratitude, and just be really organized. Being organized is one of the most empowering feelings ever.

2. Make your bed.

It takes two seconds, just do it. I used to struggle with this and never make my bed, I have no idea why. Then one day I just made it and I’ve made it every day after that. It is a habit that allows me to start my day by doing something. If I do nothing at all that day, at least I made my bed.

3. Follow the 2/3 rule.

  1. Hair
  2. Make-up
  3. Outfit

Pick two of the three to make sure look good today. That’s it, that’s the trick. If you always have your hair and makeup done, the outfit doesn’t matter, you look like you care about going out and how you present yourself. Your hair and outfit, popping, no need for makeup. This doesn’t apply to everyone if you don’t want it to, but honestly, this relieves some pressure from myself to look A1 all of the time but still allows me to look put together.

4. Put in earrings.

I never feel complete without earrings. If I really want to feel put together I make sure I have earrings in and jewelry on. there is something about all one tones jewelry that really pulls someone together.

5. Update your resume, and keep a copy on your phone.

I make sure my resume is updated once a month and always have a PDF on my phone. Being a young adult, networking and seeking out job opportunities is a major part of my life right now. Nothing makes me feel more adult-ish or put together than knowing I cold email a contact immediately with my qualifications or be prepared for an elevator pitch.

6. Workout in the morning.

Working out in the morning makes me prepared for the day and allows me to focus on the tasks I need to do instead of thinking about going to the gym later. It gives me energy, makes me feel accomplished, and is a productive use of time in the morning rather than sitting on your phone scrolling through twitter.


There are other things that make me feel put together, but for me, these were the easiest things to implement and get into the groove of being a productive human being.

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