You Have To Work For It.

(This is a semi-rant with some little nuggets of wisdom, I think).

Everything in life, you have to work for it. I firmly believe that if you don’t work for something, it isn’t going to work out for you.

You can be handed every opportunity in the world, but if you don’t work hard to keep them or keep moving up, you will never accomplish anything. My personal philosophy is I never want to be 100% content. I want to be happy and comfortable, but I always want to be working for more. I need to know I am doing my job to the 100% best of my ability.

I do this for two reasons: I want to know I gave whatever I am working on my full ability, and I want to show the people I am working for/with that I am the right choice for what we are doing.

Getting your foot in the door is not enough. Showing up is not enough. I know someone who had an internship and didn’t get offered a job after then was confused as to why, so I asked why they think they didn’t get it and their response was ” I did everything they asked so well I even had downtime, I don’t know why that wasn’t enough?”

I can tell you why, you didn’t work hard enough. It’s as simple as that. Someone else had the same amount of work that you did but instead of having downtime, they asked what they can do next or did helpful things on their own.

Working hard is the foundation of success. You don’t get your big break randomly. I am no expert, and sometimes I do get lazy in my real life, but I can promise you I am a hard-working individual and I hope it pays off one day, and if it doesn’t I know I did my best.

You can work hard and reach your goals too. Stay focused, do the grunt work, and you will get to where you need to be. Do the hard work now so you can have fun later.


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