Morning Routine – Summer 2019

The way you start your day, for me, sets the tone for the rest of the day. I find that on the mornings I sleep in, I am lethargic all day. The days I stick with my routine and make myself better myself, I thrive more. Being productive in the morning leads to a day of productivity. In other words, the more you do, the more you do.

Here is an updated morning routine that I like to follow every day. Obviously, some days I don’t do everything on this list or I don’t do anything. Most days I do all of it, but I am human and I get lazy. This routine is what a perfect morning would look like for me. Everyone has a different routine but I hope you can find something that works for you in mine.

6:45am Wake up

On weekdays I wake up between 6:30-7am to make sure I am ready for the gym. I go to bed every night usually around 11-midnight so it isn’t that difficult for me to wake up on time. I wash my face with a light face wash  and brush my teeth.

7:10am Gym Time

I am a HUGE fan of working out in the morning. I like to get it out of the way if I am being honest. I am way less likely to go after work or in the evening. It also gives me a really nice burst of energy to start the day on a good note. I also find that if I start my morning off healthy, I am more conscious of what I am eating and doing with the rest of my day, making for a healthier lifestyle overall.

8am Get home

When I get home from the gym I immediately chug water and turn on my oil diffuser. I find that opening my blinds, and diffusing a nice smell throughout my room is a really pleasant way to get ready. I also make my bed and put on some music.

8:10am Shower

I usually wash my hair every other day with the  Aveeno Fresh greens shampoo and oats conditioner, and Aveeno lavender body wash. I then use my Aquis quick-dry microfiber hair towel, which I could not recommend more. Then dry off, use the Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter, after I use Eminence’s stonecrop body oil.  Then put on my Barefoot dream robe to get ready without getting makeup on my clothes.

8:30am Beat That Face

Ok, this one is long. After my hair and body are under control, I move to my face. I use the same cleanser as described before the gym. Then I use a prescribed acne cream (cute right) and really just rub that in to make sure my skin is good and prepped. I then use the Clinique moisture surge moisturizer. After rubbing that in and letting it sit, I use the Eminence Lilikoi face primer. This primer is honestly my favorite primer of all time. It makes my face a little tacky, which is good for makeup, but also really hydrated. It has SPF which we all know is uber important. After that soaks in, it’s makeup time.

  1. I start with the too faced naturally radiant concealer in shade light nude. I put it on my eyelids as a base for eyeshadow, my under eyes, and any problem areas. After that, I blend with a damp beauty blender.
  2. I use the Morphe Copper Spice Eyeshadow palette with the shade Lit being used as a transition shade in my crease with a fluffy brush. I then use a flat brush and pack on the shade Spin in the outer corner and moonlit more towards my inner corner from the Tarteist PRO REMIX palette.
  3. After I have completed my eyeshadow I use the IT Cosmetics CC Cream in light-medium. I love the coverage and that it has SPF in it. Blend put with a damp beauty blender.
  4. I Fill in my brows with the Benefit Cosmetics goof proof brow pencil in shade 3.
  5. Set face with a fluffy brush and the Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder all over the face.
  6. Take a small, pointed brush with the shade Top Yacht Paint pot from Tarte and put in in the inner corner of the eyes.
  7. Use the Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara from Tarte on top and bottom lashes.
  8. Secure brows with the Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in shade 4.
  9. Last step: Use the Champage Pop Becca Highlighter on the tip of the nose and cheekbones.
  10. For good measure, I use the Rose Bud Lip Salve all day long.
  11. Set with MAC Fix Plus + Lavender.

9am Breakfast

I am a believer in breakfast. I like fasted cardio but in order to function through the day, I like to eat in the morning. I usually have one cup of oatmeal with PB2 powdered peanut butter and a banana, Or I like to do egg whites with turkey sausage. It really depends on the day and I switch it up a lot, but those are my two go-to’s. I always have black coffee with two packets of Splenda and lemon water.

9:30am Vitamins and planning

I like to take the 30 minutes before work to plan my day out in my day designer planner and take my vitamins. I start with the HUM Nutrition Daily cleanse and flatter me vitamins. I then take a woman’s daily vitamin, a D3 vitamin, and B12 vitamin. This combo works really well for ma and I feel energized and healthy. I fill out my bullet journal as well and check my online calendar.

10am Go to work.


That’s it for my morning routine! Hope any of this helped you at all!

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