An Open Letter To Students (Welcome Back Post)

Editor note: Hi! I am so sorry for taking an extended break on blogging. I have been moving into a new apartment, starting my junior year of college,and dodging a hurricane. But I am back and ready to provide the best content I can!

Dear students,

First, wether you are in college, highschool, or any stage of eductaion in your life, you are dealing with a certain set of lessons being thrown at you. You have to undertsand that the hardships you are going through right now are meant to benefit you and allow you to grow as a person. Take them in stride, learn from them, grow from them.

In highschool the lessons I learned pertained to friend groups and self esteem. In college I am learning how to be fully independent and what it means to be me. I am nothing but grateful for having challenges thrown my way because that is how I grew into the person I am right now.

Second, get your work done. I am so tired of seeing friends and peers complain about not getting a good grade on something or not getting an internship, whatever, when it is their fault they failed. Part of growing is undertsanding that your actions have consequences, and if you want to be successful you have to work hard. You cannot continue to blame outside sources for your downfalls. Failing a class is no-ones fault but your own. You are capable of doing anything you want to do in this world, but you have to physically try to succeed, and if you don’t suceed, have the mindset to undertsand why and fix it.

Third, Take care of your body as well as your mind. Being a student, it is so easy to fall into the habit of eating cheap, easy things. We drink too much coffee and stay up too late. We need to be aware of how our habits are effecting our health. Right now we are in our prime, and at an age where the habits we implement now will carry on into adulthood.

Fourth, hug your parents. Thank them for what they do for you. Cherish the last few days at home and the weekends you get to visit. The harsh reality is that, home is more of a vacation home now. Our perminent residences are our college living spaces. It’s new, It’s exciting, but it’s hard. You might not think it’s hard  now, but you will miss home a lot.  The morning noises of your dad making coffee, your dogs barking at the UPS man, Mom chatting on the phone. It’s not the same anymore, so appreciate it while you can.

Fifth, Have fun. These are the best years of out lives. Have fun, do crazy things, make memories. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Balance is everything.

I wish you nothing but success and fun.

Love, The Young Editorial.


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