This Razor Changed The Game.

This post contains sponsored content, all opinions are my own. #ad #findyourjoy #influencehercollective


Even in the summer, I am the WORST at shaving my legs. I’m not saying everyone needs to save their legs to be acceptable, you do you girl (or boy) But I personally like the look and feel of shaved legs better than hairy ones. The only problem was cheap razors from being a college student, and being lazy. Then I discovered joy razors. They have 5 blades, which hello! so smooth! Their aloe cucumber shave gel is a game-changer (have you ever taken a shower in a dorm shower? Dracula’s lair has the same lighting. Using the shave gel not only made my skin soft and shave closer, but the white foam allowed me to view the tracks I have already shaved so I didn’t miss any hair!) 10/10 recommend. I have never felt more comfortable than I did in my freshly washed sheets with freshly shaved legs the first time I used this razor.


There are two colored razors, teal and pink, which are the perfect colors to fit any aesthetic. The handles are heavy which allows me to feel like I am in total control when shaving and proves to me that the razor is good quality material. They have a glee aloe cucumber shave gel which smells so good I actually made all of my roommates smell it and now they steal it because they want smooth legs too. They also have a glee Summer Lily Shave Mousse which is a lighter version of the shave gel. I love both equally but the mousse is more of a no-nonsense-I-need-to-shave-right-now kind of deal and I like to use the gel when I am taking the time to treat myself, get properly groomed and live my best at-home-spa life.


The best part is, you can pick them up at your local Walmart! Or check them out here: Happy Shaving!


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