50 Questions – Vogue Spin-off

For the upcoming anniversary of this blog (yay to one year!), I thought I would post a little more about me! 73 questions with vogue is a very entertaining way, I think, to get to know someone, to ask serious questions, silly questions, and really deep dive into what they think. I chose to do 50 because I think no one wants to know 73 random things about me and 50 is more than enough.

  1. Full Name: Madison Lee Young.
  2. School: University of Central Florida.
  3. Major: Double Major in Film & Advertising.
  4. Age: 20.
  5. Siblings: Twin sister.
  6. Zodiac: Cancer/Leo Cusp.
  7. Pets: Little dog (aussie/corgi), Chowder (American Eskimo), Thanos & Thor (baby tortoises), Bebe (cockatiel), John Wick (parakeet).
  8. Favorite drink: Apple Cider (fall/winter), Lemon water (year-round).
  9. Favorite food: anything with veggies, a good chicken burrito.
  10. Food you hate: Mayo.
  11. Favorite movie: The Green Mile, Back to the future, The Guardians of the galaxy.
  12. Least favorite movie: ET.
  13. What are you good at: Jeopardy.
  14. What are you horrible at: Remembering things to do if they aren’t written down.
  15. What skill do you wish you could master: Mixology.
  16. Secret talents: Flower arranging.
  17. Height: 5’9.
  18. Celebrity crush: Harry Styles, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt.
  19. Fashion icons: Coco Channel, Lauren Giraldo, Barabra Palvin.
  20. Life Icons: Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Jimmy Fallon, Gigi Haddid.
  21. One good thing about this month: Epcot Food & Wine Fest with the family.
  22. An event that made a huge positive impact on your life: Starting a blog.
  23. 22 cont: Negative impact: Getting cushings from my birth control.
  24. Favorite Joke: When someone orders shrimp fried rice say “you’re telling me a shrimp fried this rice?”
  25. Favorite song: At the moment, Waving Through A Window – Dear Evan Hanssen Cast.
  26. Why did you start a blog: To have a creative outlet.
  27. A chance you took that worked out: Getting my current boyfriend of 3 years snapchat.
  28. Best friend: Dominique Diaz, Zach Vanosten, my sister, my mom & dad, boyfriend, Taylor Couty, honestly all of my friends, you know who you are.
  29. Favorite season: Fall & Winter tied.
  30. Favorite Holiday: Christmas.
  31. The worst part of the day: Taking off my makeup.
  32. The best part of the day: Waking up.
  33. Dream Job: Director or social media coordinator for a fashion brand.
  34. Inside Joke: Harden Scott.
  35. If you could live anywhere, where: New York or Paris.
  36. If you could visit anywhere, where: Literally every city, every country.
  37. Dream vacation: Tour of Europe.
  38. Top 5 goals for 2019: (1) reach goal weight, (2) boost social media, (3) work on a movie production, (4) have 3 internships, (5) Go to 5 different states.
  39. Do you follow New Years Resolutions: I try to.
  40. The best part of the year: Winter Break.
  41. The worst part of the year: The two weeks leading up to the fall semester starting.
  42. First word that pops into your head when you think “mom”: Cool.
  43. “Dad”: Interesting.
  44. “Sister”: Funny.
  45. Favorite high school memory: Being part of the OYT elite team one last time.
  46. Least favorite high school memory: Figuring out that not everyone is a good person, even adults.
  47. If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who: My grandpa.
  48. Pick a color pallet for yourself: Black, blush pink, gold, white, maroon, burnt orange.
  49. Unpopular opinion: Don’t get your news from twitter.
  50. Are you happy: With many things in my life right now, yes absolutely.

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