What’s In My Bag? – 2019

I don’t know about you but I find that watching “what’s in my bag” videos are so helpful because if someone keeps key products in their bag they are obviously good products that work for someone right? Why keep a horrible chapstick or useless lotion in there? I have found some of my favorite products by watching those videos so I decided to share with you guys my favorite products that I must have on hand at all times. These are products from my purses and backpack! My backpack and top 3 purses in my daily rotation will be linked below!

1. Chapstick

Carmex? Burt’s bees? The Rose salve I’m always going on about? I have it all. Having dry lips is honestly a problem of mine. From acne medication to the hot Florida weather, they tend to feel like Patrick in that one scene from the SpongeBob movie, you know the one. I always have a bunch of different kinds in my purse for various needs. Shop my top 3 Below.

2. Lipstick

Along with chapstick, I keep one shade of lipstick on me at all times that just helps amp up any look I have going on. Shop my two favorites below.

3. Medicine/first aid.

Need an Advil/Benadryl/Motrin? I’ve got you. I like to have things like Benadryl on hand because I have sever allergies and Advil for any headache or cramp thrown my way. I also carry bandaids and Neosporin for any high heel blisters or anything else I’d need it for! Stay prepared!

4. Sewing kit.

I keep a full sewing kit in my purse because 1. I am insane 2. I have actually used it so it is handy! Being a dancer competitively, it is in my blood to have safety pins, a needle, and thread ready to go. I don’t think this is a purse essential, but I have used it!

5. Mini makeup wipes.

Neutrogena makes purse-sized makeup wipes. That’s all you need to know. Take off the day whenever you want to. Get them below girl.

6. Key chain/pepper spray.

It can be scary to be a college girl all alone in this world, man. Attached to my usual keychain (house, car, baby Groot key chain, Beaty and the beast key chain, the usual) I have a little pink pepper spray. I think everyone, not just women should have this, just in case. I hope you never need it. Get mine below.

7. Gum/mints.

Need I explain?

8. The entirety of the Target Travel Section.

Repeat it with me: Target is the best. If you’re on the go or just want to feel prepared and ready all of the time like me, the travel toiletries are the best. I have a mini hair spray, mini deodorant & mini hand cream. I stay fresh all day!

9. Contacts.

I usually try to wear my glasses because I like the way they look more, but sometimes contacts are the move. I like to keep a spare pair on me Incase I want to switch out my eyewear, one falls out, or whatever. It’s just handy to have!

10. Cardholder.

Along with a wallet, I like to keep a cardholder for boba tea punch cards, business cards, Disney Passes, all of that. It’s really convenient and allows you to actually utilize punch cards without having to dig through your purse and give up.

Shop this post:

Top 3 Chapsticks: Carmex, BB, Rose Salve.

Top 2 Lipsticks: Kylie, NudeStix.

Makeup wipes

Pepper Spray


Purses: Black, Brown, Color

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