6 Personal Things You Should Be Doing To Be “Adulting.”

*Disclaimer: you can live your life the way you want to, these are just things that I have noticed I have added to my routine since becoming an “adult” that really have helped me and allow me to feel like the best me.

I see so many people patting themselves on the back for taking a gummy vitamin or eating a salad. If your lifestyle reloves around not eating vegetables and not really caring about your health, then yay! Kudos for taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle!

But, I think there are certain things for your health that the average person should be doing and it should be common. I am not saying that this lifestyle is the best lifestyle but for me, these things help and really allow me to feel better about myself and thrive.

1. Vitamins


Please, take your vitamins. You can take gummy vitamins, you can take pills or dissolvable or vegan or anything to suit your personal preference.  Vitamins will help you so much, I promise. My doctor told me I was severely low in Vitamin D, so I bought vitamin D and immediately I felt less lethargic, less hungry, and had more energy. You don’t need 6000 vitamins to be healthy, just take one multivitamin and you’re going to get those vitamins you might be missing throughout the day with your meals. I take B12, Women’s Multivitamin, a daily cleanse, and D3. Shop them below.

2. A solid Skin Care Routine.


I cannot stress this enough if you wear makeup, please double cleanse. I was always lucky with my skin, my parents never had acne and we never had a family history of troublesome skin. But then, with the introduction of a new birth control method, I got cystic acne. That’s ok though, with a good, solid skincare routine, it is managed and I feel more confident and have better skin. Having a routine for your skin in the night and the morning is so important so your skin gets proper care, doesn’t constantly act up due to lack of repetition and routine is better for your mental health. Always wear sunscreen, always take off your makeup, and always moisturize. It doesn’t have to be expensive or excessive, just find what works for you. Shop mine below.

3. What Are You Eating?


Everyone has different bodies, different digestion systems, sensitivities, you get the point. But, I think no matter who you are, it is beneficial to check in with yourself and make sure you are eating good, whole, nutritious food. Try to have a fruit or vegetable with every meal, drink your coffee black, maybe try to go vegan when you can, cut back on dairy, or keep doing what you’re doing if it works for you. I am not a nutritionist or dietician. But it is basic knowledge that vegetables are good and processed foods aren’t the best. It is also basic knowledge that whole foods can be expensive and not everyone has time to cook, I understand that. I am just putting it out there that if you aren’t feeling the best, maybe try cutting things out of your diet and introducing something healthier, keeping track of it, and see if it makes a difference.

4. Have a Solid Sleep/Wake Schedule.


Having a good sleep/wake schedule is single-handedly the most important thing to me. If my sleep schedule is off, my whole life is off. It takes time to get into a good groove for you, but the minute you do, your life changes. I fall asleep within the same hour time frame every night and wake up within the same hour time frame every single morning. It gives my life structure, I have energy because I am sleeping the right amount for me, and I also do better when I have to wake up earlier or stay up later because I bounce right back into routine. Last spring semester, I allowed bad habit to take over and my body got into the routine of staying up until 3 am. I was lazy, my grades started to drop, and I didn’t feel like me. That was environmental, but the minute I went home for summer and got my schedule back, I was a whole new person.

5. Excercise.


In the words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” That’s the truth people. Exercise is one thing that makes me really feel on top of my game. Excercise is whatever it means to you. Some days for me it’s yoga, or going on a walk, or running 5 miles on the treadmill or a barre class. To my sister, it is doing double spin classes. For my mom, it’s lifting weights. Exercise is such a personal thing, but getting up and moving in some way should be a part of your day-to-day life.

6. Keep Up With Your Health.


Get your teeth cleaned. Get your annual physical. Get blood work done. It is so important to keep your health in check. I understand that without insurance health can be put on the back burner because it is too expensive, well it is also going to be too expensive of you catch an ailment too late. For peach of mind and a healthy body and life, check-up with yourself. Our bodies are so smart, and they will do what they can to alert us that something is off and try to fix it, but we have to help them out a little bit.

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Vitamins: B12, D3, Multivitamin, Daily Cleanse

SkinCare: (Morning) Face wash, Serum, Moisturizer, Sunscreen. (Night) Face wash (above), Balm, Mask, Serum (above), Moisturizer (above), Mask/overnight.

Food: HelloFresh


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