Blogmas Day 1: Sunday Routine

Welcome to blogmas! Where I will be (trying to) Blog every single day! I feel as if this is a fun (but not original) way to keep blogging interesting for you guys! To finish out 2019 I just want to note that I am so grateful if you are reading this and I love blogging. You guys mean the most to me.

Today’s blog will be my Sunday routine that I stick to pretty much every Sunday! I get a bit lazier on breaks but since it is finals week I am a little stressed out. Here is the day in the life of me: A double major college student with a knack for time management.

Morning: Wake Up and Get Ready.

I usually wake up earlier on weekdays but Sundays are the best day to sleep in. I wake up around 9am on weekends as opposed to 7am. It still gives me ample time to make the most out of the day without being too tired or too lazy.

As soon as I wake up I brush my teeth, wash my face, do my morning routine and put a YouTube video out on the living room TV with my coffee. I usually don’t work out on Sunday’s so I just get to relax and enjoy my morning. I then make breakfast which is usually an apple or some kind of fruit with oatmeal and peanut butter. Then I take my vitamins and emergen-c and whip out my planner.

Once my planner is open to this week I check my school’s webcourses and write every single assignment, when it is due, and schedule out time each day before it is due to work on it. It makes doing work so much easier when you get it done ahead of time and don’t allow yourself to procrastinate.

I then get my bullet journal out, write what I am thankful for, my current weight, track my habits, and look at the monthly overview I have curated. I then just go back to watching TV and straight up relaxing.

Noon-Afternoon: Let’s Get Moving.

The afternoons are for errands. I went to Publix today and only got staples that I would need for the 12 days I have until I am back home for the Holidays. Things such as frozen veggies, rice, apples, spinach, and other produce. This allows me to budget and make the most out of what I am eating for the next two weeks. I also bought peppermint mocha from their new coffee bar because duh, it’s December 1st.

Once I get home, clean out the fridge and put everything away, it’s cleaning time. I don’t know about you but a messy home is not a home I can focus in. I go into the kitchen, living room, bathroom and my room and deep clean every single one. I use a multi-purpose spray on every surface, move things around, dust the fans, spray the mirrors, do the dishes, vacuum and mop. I then light a candle and turn on my oil diffuser to make space feel complete. I also do laundry during this time including sheets and towels every week.

Night Time: Let’s relax.

I usually find that I am not that hungry during the day, obviously, that varies but today I didn’t feel like cooking until night time. After all of the sheets and towels are washed, I made and ate dinner, and everything is planned out for the week, I do self-care. I wash my hair about every 4 days because it doesn’t get oily and that day is usually Saturday so I do a body shower, shave and a face mask. I then will clean the tub and take a bath with a bath bomb if I am feeling really relaxed. After that, I don’t drink anything but water and try not to eat after 7pm so I whiten my teeth, moisturize, and do my normal skincare routine. I put on my comfiest PJ’s, read in the living room, maybe watch a movie or YouTube, then it’s bedtime between 11pm-12am.


  • Use different sprays for different parts of your house. I know it can be hard to justify buying so many cleaning products as a college student if one will do an adequate job, but it will be worth it in the long run.
  • Drink water all day long. Stay hydrated.
  • Get your sleep schedule in check and your life will be so much easier.
  • I usually order my groceries online, this helps me see the price all together before I check out, get better deals, and really only get what I need,

Happy Sunday! Here’s to a productive week ahead!

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