BlogMas Day 2: Closet Staples Part 1

Happy Blogmas day 2! Today I decided it would be fun to share 3 pieces from each category of my closet (tops, pants, leisure, shoes..etc) that I feel are winter staples! Winter is loosely defined here as I do go to college in Orlando, which gets pretty chilly but nowhere near the usual definition of “cold.” Here are some things I am loving to wear this season, and I hope you check them out and like them too! I am doing half of my closet today and half tomorrow so that it isn’t too overwhelming. Most of the items linked are also on sale so get shopping!


1. Plaid Flannel Shirts.


Wow, revolutionary right? I love a good oversized, thick, sturdy plaid shirt. Pro-tip: get one in the men’s section of Target, that’s where I got mine. They are usually cheaper yet more well made. They are so versatile! You can wear it closed and just relaxed with a pair of leggings and some converse. You can tuck one half of the shirt (left or right) by separating the bottom buttons into a pair of jeans with some jeans and killer boots, you can wear it as layering over a crew neck with a leather jacket on top if you are somewhere really cold, it’s endless. Shop mine here. Also here is a guide to finding the perfect kind of plaid design that you are looking for, who knew there were so many?

2. Corduroy Shirt.


This is honestly the same reasoning as the flannel shirt but it adds more texture and a different aspect to an outfit. I felt like Cole Sprouse wearing my mustard yellow one with a beanie and a jean jacket. It was kind of artsy and empowering? I don’t know, but grab one to feel like your favorite moody artist, but with fashion. Get mine here.

3. Turtle Neck Sweaters.


I saved my favorite for last. I LOVE, adore, admire, a good turtle neck. I wear them constantly during winter. They look effortlessly chic, super comfortable, and honestly, nothing beats a mock neck, you get the look of a turtle neck without the, well, choking. I french tuck mine into jeans, throw it on with leggings and a leather jacket or on top of a mini skirt. I get mine from Express or Amazon and have so many styles so I am not going to link it but just search around for your favorite one, it’s out there.



Everyone already knows that leggings and jeans are always the move so here are 3 different kinds of bottoms I like to incorporate outside of those staples from  American Eagle (mom jeans) and LuLu Lemon (Align Leggings)

1. Midi Skirt.


Never underestimate the power of a white sweater tucked into a chic midi skirt with a pair of boots. Honestly, stunning. They are so easy to wear, no dragging and no riding up, they keep you warm, and they dress up any outfit. I tuck a cable knit white sweater into this rose gold metallic pleated midi skirt, white boots, and a messy bun and I think it’s such a look. Experiment with neutral tops and bold prints such a cheetah or metallics.

2. Joggers.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.10.28 PM

Sweat pants and joggers are always comfy but I have found the ultimate pair. You know those uber comfortable teddy jackets everyone is wearing (see below hint, hint) well they make them into sweat pants. I need to say less. Get them here. Picture courtesy of the Uniqlo website.

3. Knit Pants.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.14.06 PM

Comfortability is what the holidays are about. But, you want to look great right? Well, you can do both. I have been living structured but still comfortable knit pants. I found a pair of flare ones that look great with a sweater french tucked in and booties. Grab it here. Photo courtesy of Express Online Link.

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