Blogmas Day 11: My Mantra For 2020

Happy Blogmas day 11! Today I will be discussing my mantra, or saying or phrase that motivates me for 2020. I have a certain set of goals and priorities for next year that I would really like to focus on and bring to life, and here is why and how I am going to do that. I am viewing the turn of the decade as a fresh start and a chance for me to fully become who I want to be. I have worked very hard the past two years to become the person I am and I love her, but there is more for me to be.

“I accept all.”

I will be using this phrase every day to take on anything life throws at me. It may sound cheesy, but having a mantra, finding smalls ways to motivate myself as well as remind myself I am so blessed, capable, and smart.

“I accept all” is my way of understanding that everything that is going to happen to me, is happening for a reason, and I will take the opportunity to learn from it. I promise to never stop growing as person, accepting the things around me, trying to make them better, or just savoring them.

I hope you all have a mantra or set goals for the year and I hope you achieve every single one. You can do this. You are capable.

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