Blogmas Day 18: How To Stay Productive Over Break.

Happy Blogmas 18! If you guys haven’t figured it out I am HORRIBLE at blogging every day and I am so sorry! But today I will be giving you 4 pointers on how to stay productive or at least in somewhat of a routine so that going back to college for the next semester won’t take too much adjusting!

1. Keep up your sleep/wake schedule.

I believe it is so important to have the same sleep/wake schedule throughout the year. I am all for sleeping in on Sunday’s or the occasional late start to the day when you don’t have class, but it will be insanely beneficial for school and just for every day life if you have a consistent schedule with something as important as sleep. That way it won’t be so hard to adjust when the 9am classes start up again after the Holidays!

2. Take a fun online course.

I like to take the free time I have during break and usually get certified in a new skill or take the time to learn a new skill. Right now I use Udemy (not sponsored) to take courses like digital media marketing and getting my mixology license. Little things that are super interesting and keep you learning in a period where school isn’t happening. Stay learning but do what you love!

3. Make a break bucket list.

Do all of the things in your home town you haven’t done yet! Check out new restaurants or plan big movie nights with friends you haven’t seen in a long time! Having something to look forward to and plan for will help you stay busy and focused!

4. Redecorate your childhood room.

When I come home I like to go through my closet and donate all of the clothes I haven’t touched all semester, deep clean my room, maybe reorder my furniture or decorate a little bit. It keeps me focused by increasing my productivity and allowing my space to feel brand new.

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