My Hopes for Us in 2020 – Happy New Year

Hello! I apologize for the lack of finishing Blogmas. There is no excuse other than I am a hot mess and I am ready to get back into the swing of productivity. Here we go!

I personally adore the idea of a new year. A fresh start. A beginning point. I love the idea of reinventing myself, I preach it all of the time. I love the idea that none of us are ever stagnant. The idea that any moment, we could change our whole lives. It’s terrifying and comforting at the same time, to know you’re in full control and have no control of everything that happens to you.

Every year I like to be mindful of what I hope this year holds. Life is going to be up and down, never always positive or negative, so keep that in mind when setting intentions for the new year so you aren’t disappointed. Here are my hopes for every single person in 2020, interpret them however you wish:

1. I hope you grow emotionally.

This one is very personal depending on who is reading. For me, I would like to become more emotionally involved with myself. To allow myself to relax and not stress over every little thing. But, for you this might mean falling in love for the first time, breaking up, apologizing to and reconnecting with a friendship that you know shouldn’t ended the way it did. Whatever this sentiment means to you, I hope you grow emotionally from it.

2. I hope you are more present.

I struggle with this and most of the time won’t be fully in a moment. This year I hope we are more present, soaking in and remembering all of the wonderful things we experience every day and also the bad times, they make the good days better.

3. I hope you love more.

Everyone needs more love in their life. It doesn’t have to be a significant other, I hope we show every single person that we love this year, more love. Send a random checking in text. Rub your dogs belly a little longer. Hug your dad. It’s the little things.

4. I hope you love the person you are becoming.

I sound like a broken record at this point, but I love that humans are ever-changing. I hope you love your personality and eventually fall in love with your physical self if you struggle with that. You are you in this very moment, you should enjoy it.

5. I hope this year holds everything you want it to.

I could hope for as many things as I want specifically, but mostly I hope you work hard, make a plan, and have a little luck on your side to achieve everything you want to this year. You’ve got this.

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