5 Things My Mother Has Taught Me

It’s my Mom’s birthday (Feb 3)! She is my best friend, we have the best relationship, and I am inspired by her every day. In honor of her birthday, I am going to share with you guys 5 things she has taught me, which has made my life significantly better. I have many more tips and lessons, but a girl can’t spill all of her secrets! At least not all at one time. Here are 5 lessons I have learned from my mom that has made me the person I am today:

1. You will never get anything unless you go get it/earned it.

My mom taught me that no matter how many opportunities present themselves, or don’t, if you don’t want it bad enough and go for it, you will never get it. Nothing is ever handed to you. Anything worth experiencing and obtaining has to be taken. You have to network, put yourself out there and brand/promote yourself until you can’t anymore. Then when you get the job you have to outdo yourself every day. Never settle.

2. Dress for success.

Don’t get me wrong, our sweat pants are begging for a break sometimes. We can sit and lounge for days. But, when we are working or out in public, she taught me to dress for success. She never told me what to wear or restricted me, she just told me to dress for the job I want, in something I feel good in, that makes me feel like the best me. It has helped me so much in feeling confident on new jobs, inspiring me to work harder, and just making me feel more prepared.

3. Some people are naturally mean, not you.

In life, you will meet people who are just so negative and rude for no reason. That is their problem and not yours. She taught me that your attitude and your personality are contagious and you need to do your best to leave everyone happier or better in some way than before they saw you. Manners are rare nowadays. Smile when ordering your coffee, say thank you when someone opens the door, give feedback at work in a constructive way rather than a destructive way, compliment that girls’ shoes. Be a nice human. Don’t let anyone’s attitude affect yours unless it is positive.

4. Personal relationships can be hard.

Even in her (older than me but not going to name her age) age, she still struggles with friendships and other personal relationships sometimes. As a 20-year-old, I thought it was an age thing and people grew out of it. I was wrong. People just change. You change. Sometimes the relationship won’t last through the growth or the time apart that is required with age and life. Sometimes people’s motives change. She taught me to handle these situations with grace and leave the relationship peacefully. Remember the good times and forgive the bad, but that doesn’t mean take back toxic friends. Family can be tricky too, you are not required to be surrounded by people who are bad for you. Follow your instincts and do what is healthy for you. Never wish ill will on anyone.

5. My mom is the best.

This is the best lesson she has taught me, how blessed I am to have her. I know this is cheezy, but it is true. To have a role model so strong, so smart, and so amazing, is the best lesson. She is the best mentor. Through her actions and her tone, I know exactly what I need to be doing to be successful at this time in my life. If I am going in the wrong direction, she gracefully turns me around and gets me back on track. She sends me texts to remind me I am doing great. The way she loves her family and her friends. The way she has a billion certifications and does whatever her heart desires because she is smart and she is willing. Her friendship and guidance mean everything. I love you mom, happy birthday.





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