You’re Not “Woke”, You’re Toxic.

During the Coronavirus social distancing going on (stay safe and wash your hands!), I’ve had the time to watch too much YouTube, TikTok, and any other form of social media. I have noticed a trend, especially on TikTok of very toxic people who claim to be “woke” and changing the world.

Being “woke” is a thing. It means you are conscious of your privilege and understand issues that are very important today to make tomorrow better for everyone. But, pretending you are an expert on everything and talking down to people who are just doing their best.

I see a lot of cancel culture and making people blatantly feel like crap, which is warranted in certain situations, but if you’re attacking a 12-year-old who just got their first hamster cage and didn’t know they need x amount of space, you suck.

When it comes to harmless things such as using a song that says something mildly inappropriate as a background song, or a young person having the wrong cage, it is absolutely not ok to send death threats and attack these people for not fitting your expectations. Be kind, write a comment explaining your point and how they can fix it, and help them learn and grow.

Another example is people telling people how to parent on social media. It is none of your business! If the mom/dad and baby are happy and healthy LEAVE THEM ALONE! You don’t need to get on your soapbox about breastfeeding vs formula or how they introduce their baby to their cat.

Cancel culture and aggressive commenting is extremely toxic and can ruin people’s lives because they did one thing YOU don’t like. There are somethings that 100% do not deserve a second chance, such as sexual assault allegations, animal abuse, non-POC using racial slurs etc.

It is our duty to teach each other and gently correct mistakes if you feel like one is made. Stop pretending like you know everything and let everyone live their lives. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you when you were doing something wrong and guide you to how to correct it than just screaming at you? People change, people learn, and people grow. Give humans a chance.

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