How I am Staying Regular During Self-Isolation.

This sucks, we all know how intense this virus is and how important it is to social distance and self-isolate. I am trying to see the good in all of it, and for me, that means dressing comfortably, practicing time management, focusing on myself and trying to keep a routine that is as normal as possible.

8 a.m Wake Up

With being a remote student for the rest of the semester, like a lot of you, that means I am back at home. It can be so easy to lose a grip on a routine and a study schedule. I try to wake up at the same time every day, which is still later than my usual college routine because I don’t really have anywhere to be. I wake up, wash my face, put on a better, yet still comfy outfit and stretch.

9 a.m Self-care

I use this time to plan out my journal, eat breakfast (which lately has been lemon water and fruit, like an apple), plan my blog posts, daily gratitude, and just get my mind ready for the day.

10 a.m – 12 p.m Personal Work

I clean and organize my room and do any laundry I have to do. I also use this time to do any school work I have due, which I usually start a few days before it is due. I also blog during this time, make vision boards, I am planning out a podcast and planning out social media posts. This time is very important for me to make sure I am organized in all of my work to-do’s.

(Monday – Friday)  12 p.m – 3 p.m Internship

I am a remote intern for a PR firm in Los Angeles so this time makes me feel productive and normal, as I have been doing this for months already.

3 p.m Chill

I use this time to watch TV, catch up with friends, and just not do anything work-focused. Take time for some fun in all of this madness you know?

5 p.m Excercise

It’s social distancing time which means no gym. I like to use this hour to do at home work-outs, go on walks, or do yoga. You need to keep moving and keep your body happy, stay productive and healthy in any little way you can.

7 p.m More Personal Work

If I didn’t finish my school work, want to study more, or work on more creative projects then I will use this last hour before I wind down to make sure I am in a comfortable place with all of my work and can leave it for the night without being anxious.

8 p.m Wind Down

Winding down for the night looks different for everyone, but I like to spend time with my family, watch my favorite shows, read for at least 30 minutes and do my physical night routine. I wash my face, shower, do all of that, put on an outfit that is super comfy, light all of my candles, and just relax and prepare myself for the next day.


Everyone’s routine is different, and it is very hard to adjust. I am here if you need me, I am struggling too, but for me, the structure is the best way to stay mentally ok. I hope you are staying healthy and staying inside.

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