Things To Do During Quarantine/Social Distancing.

I am going to start off by saying that doing nothing during this super stressful time is completely OK. You will probably never get this opportunity again to just relax at home with your family, rest, and take care of yourself. If your ideal “break” is sleeping and lounging, do your thing. Take care of yourself first and I hope you don’t feel pressured or guilty for not making yourself busy 24/7.

That being said, I am the type of person that likes to have a purpose for the day. I struggle with feeling guilty if I am not using my time to better myself as I never have this much free time, especially as a college student in my 20’s. Here are some productive things to do that will keep you busy and hopefully have a positive impact on your life as well. Happy free time! You do you girl.

1. Clean out your closet.

I feel good when my space is clear, has only what I need, and is organized. I like to clean out my closet about once a month and donate clothes I don’t wear anymore to those who will love and utilize them. I find it better for me, mentally, as I struggle with weight gain, to only have clothes that work for me in my closet. It just makes me feel better.

2. Deep clean your room.

I’m not talking a little wipe down and vacuum. I am talking duster, steamer, mop, wash your sheets, fluff your duvet, bleach your shower. Get in there. Make your space immaculate, take a shower, and light a candle. You will never feel better. That is one of the best feelings in this life, plus having a clean space is better for your physical health. Put on some jams and get to work like Cinderella at the begging of the movie.

3. Rearrange your room.

Feng Shui is very real. Again, your space has huge impact on how you feel. If you feel stuck or bored, rearrange your room! It will totally change the energy of your space and allow for you to feel invigorated. the possibilities are endless!

4. Learn a new skill.

I have been taking this time to work on website design, personal branding, and signed up to get my mixology license! Using the time we have at home to learn a new language or skill could really help you once everything starts to open back up again. Why not? No one is ever done learning.

5. Find a new interest.

I tend to fixate on things for a long time when I enjoy it. I’ve been obsessed with journaling, Harry Potter, Marvel, and now it’s fashion. I have been watching fashion historian videos, reading a book called “The Lost Art of Dress” by Linda Przybyszewski, and it has just made me question if I actually know my sense of style at all. I have been taking this time to look for new aesthetics and try to figure out what kind of style works for me. Find something you’re totally interested in and just full send it!

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