How To Nail An Internship

I would consider myself somewhat successful in obtaining internships. Internships are internships but if you can nail one that is with a significant company or individual, it can change your life. Within my college career, I have interned with CBS as a production assistant on the biggest budget TV show in Los Angeles, I’ve interned for local PR firms, and I am currently with an LA-based PR firm, which I love. I have had many week-long stints with internships when I can over spring break or winter break, which I think is just as important as a month or year-long internships.

The most important thing for you to do is to network. Get on linkin, always have a resume on hand, send your resume, and sell your personal brand to anyone who will listen or has an email address. If you show initiative, you will stand out. It will show that you really want this position and that you are a hard worker. I’m not even joking I chased my production assistant job in Los Angeles for 6 years. My boss was a family friend, which put me on the radar, but I worked my butt off e-mailing him for 6! years. Chase your goals and never back down.

The next most important thing is to have a strong social media presence. You don’t need to be an infleuncer or have thousands of followers, but you need to show that you care. If your Instagram is just you drinking with buddies or messing around, it shows thatyou could be goofy and lovable, but if you’re applying to a law firm or other professional environment, it might show them you aren’t serious. How do you want the world to view you? Think about what work you want to go into and think about that when posting something.

The third thing to keep in mind is how are you selling yourself? What can you add to the workplace you are applying for? Are you letting them know how much of an asset you are? It’s not their job to take a chance on you and hope you fit in, you have to convince them you are right for the job. Ask questions, follow up, stay consistent, and make sure they know your name and who you are.

Internships are very personal because you won’t be a good fit for every work environment or maybe the internship isn’t the job you thought you wanted. Take your time when making a decision, but reach out to everyone possible.

Just remember, your school, your personal background, and your own fears don’t mean anything. How you present yourself and how bad you want something and work for it do. Everyone is usually equal in the intern playing field. Make your own connections and push for that position. Good luck, you’ve got this!

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