Skills Every Adult Should Master

As a college student who is a year away from graduating, I’d like to think I am self-sufficient. I cook, clean, know what fabrics need what laundry cycle, know how to dress professionally and I have a very vague idea about what taxes are. That being said, there is so much more to learn to really be an adult and even with the skills, I am about to give you a checklist for, no adult really has it all figured out.

I asked the most adult people I know, my Facebook friends, what life skills everyone should possess. As a quarantine activity or just setting up your lifestyle, here is a big adult checklist of skills you should master.

  1. How to change a flat tire
  2. How to drive a stick shift
  3. Cook for yourself, know at least 3 solid recipes ( I suggest at least one vegetarian or vegan dish so you are prepared for every situation)
  4. How to pay your own bills
  5. How to hold a job
  6. Be independent finanacially
  7. How to hold a healthy conversation, both in business and relationships
  8. How to format and make a good resume
  9. How to network
  10. How to use social media
  11. Understand what it costs to borrow money (credit cards, loans, etc)
  12. How to balance a check book
  13. How to write a check
  14. How to address an envelope
  15. How to read a map
  16. How to sew (at least how to sew a button)
  17. How to write a professional email
  18. How to greet people properly (a good handshake is very important)
  19. How to hang a shelf
  20. The different kinds of screwdrivers
  21. How to plan a healthy meal
  22. How to wrap a gift
  23. How to plan a party
  24. How to budget
  25. How to budget your time
  26. How to iron or steam clothing
  27. How to clean and take care of jewelry
  28. How to make a good cocktail
  29.  How to ask for a raise
  30. How to go above and beyond
  31. make good relationships with important people (doctors, lawyers, accountants, and handymen)
  32. How to fix a clogged sink/toilet
  33. How to check the oil in your car with a dipstick
  34. Check the benefits of any job before accepting
  35. Understanding how to analyze things
  36. How to calculate a tip properly
  37. How to drive on ice
  38. How to accessorize
  39. How to address people older or younger than you
  40. How to use these skills to develop who you are as a person

I am sure there are MANY other things we will learn along the way, but these are some of the best tips I have received from many people of varying ages as well as myself from experience. Have fun and good luck!

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