An all-encompassing life update

You’ve heard it a million times, but 2020 sucks. F*ck 2020. But, even though all of the chaos and worrisome news keeps flooding my feed every day, the world keeps turning. I have been using this time to truly focus on myself and my goals. What better time than the present, you know?

Health and wellness

I have been seriously taking my health into consideration for about two months now. I have been working out about 5 times a week but just recently (within the past two weeks) have I recently honed in on nutrition. It feels so good to work out and eat right and see the changes I have been waiting to see finally come to life.

For nutrition, I 100% checking out 1st form protein. This is not sponsored, I am just obsessed. Whey protein can be hard for people to keep down but they produce their protein at a low temperature so you can digest it more easily. If you are a keys local please see Madeline Silvestri (@madeline_silvestri on Instagram) to help you get your nutrition in check! she has helped me so much and her meal plan, along with working out has already resulted in me losing an inch of my waist in about a week.

I always thought eating less calories was the only way to lose weight. That stands true, but I was borderline starving myself. You should never be eating under 1200 calories a day because you might lose weight for a little but it will slow your metabolism so much and you will gain everything right back.

I am currently eating 1700 calories a day, 175g of protein, 150g of carbs, and 60g of fat. MACROS WORK. Fueling your body is the best thing you can do for yourself. Everyone is different so reach out to a nutritionist and see what works for you!

As for working out, I meet with a personal trainer twice a week and do 45-1 hour of cardio 3-4 times a week, It has come to a point where it’s not a chore anymore and I genuinely like working out. Just get moving for 30 minutes a day and I promise you will feel better.

As for cheat days, eat whatever you want in moderation. For me, some days are better than others. If it feels right to you, do it. Life is too short to not have a cupcake sometimes. Nutrition and health isn’t just one way of living, just be mindful.

Beauty and Fashion

Dying my hair honestly was one of the best things I have ever done. feel so good and so refreshed with a new look. It’s little things like that, that make me feel really good and really positive. Spice things up a bit.

I have also started doing my skincare routine with more intent. Before, I would just do it. Now, I take the time to rub everything in, do lymphatic drainage, and push my skin in the right direction to avoid wrinkles. It allows me to really appreciate my skin and take the time to just be zen and do something just for me.

I have been taking the time to do my hair and nails every day and just make myself feel put together, even when at home. It allows me to be more productive which makes me happier. It’s still a scary world not being able to be in the college routine I am used to. it makes sense for me to continue planning everything out and staying as normal as possible.


I am currently in the middle or re-designing my entire bedroom. I will be home for all of the Fall semester this year so I wanted to make my space in my childhood home, mine. I am repainting, got new furniture and added more art. This has allowed me to be creative and also have a room I feel good in. I chose things that inspire me and look nice. I chose things that make me feel at peace and at home. Having a space to call your own that you love can really change everything.

I hope you all are doing really well and it feels so good to blog again. Stay safe and stay healthy. You’ve got this.

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