How to be productive in a covid cooped up world.

I know that (most of us) are back to school. If you’re actually on campus, I’m sorry. If you’re virtual, I’m sorry. It’s really hard for everyone. It’s hard to stay focused in a home that isn’t healthy for you. It’s hard to stay focused because you feel so alone due to distancing. It’s ok to not feel good while the whole world is falling apart.

I’ve been there and I am going through it as well. The thing that I found to be the most helpful during these trying times is to be proactive. For me, that means staying positive, moving my body, getting out of the house, and staying focused.

This isn’t a cure all for everything, these are just my habits and daily things I do to help me stay motived and feel better about all of the situations that are occurring currently in my life and the world.

Staying Positive

I find that staying positive is the number one thing that changed my life. I figured out that being grateful and training yourself to see the good in every day was way more beneficial than living life then just being complacent or negative.

  • I write what I am grateful for every day
  • I view my to-do list for the day as “what I get to do today”
  • I make time for self care every single day
  • Get off of your phone and just take in some nature and reflect on how lucky you are to be here
  • Make the best out of every situation: what did it teach you, how is this year going to change the world and how it functions, how can you help out

Moving My Body

I used to think getting moving meant going to the gym and working out. While that is good for you and you should be going to the gym, getting moving can be many things. I find it super helpful for my mental health and energy levels to just get up and walk. When I am doing school work or regular work, I can end up sitting in my bed or at my desk for hours at a time. I find that getting up every hour and walking around for 5 minutes helps keep me sane. I get a burst of energy and it also helps me take my focus away from work for a split second and re-focus with a new take or renewed point of view.

Get Out Of The House

I don’t know about you guys, but my family can drive me insane. I get a bit stir crazy if I am stuck in the same environment for too long. This can cause panic attacks or lack of energy. Here are some ways I get out of the house:

  • Do my work outside
  • Go get a coffee and sit outside at the coffee shop (social distance please!)
  • Go see a friend that I know is also being safe
  • Go for a walk
  • Run errands
  • Go for a drive

Staying Focused

In this trying time, I can find it very hard to stay focused. I don’t have my own desk, I am constantly surrounded by family and get no me-time, and the news and social media can be very negative. Today’s world is very overwhelming. For me, staying focused means staying organized and understanding what my goals are.

-Make a vision board: where do you want to be a year from now? What inspires you?

  • Use a planner: plan out all class dates and times and when you will study.
  • Have a good sleep schedule that works for you.
  • Make a door sign that lets your family or roommates know that you are trying to work and do not want to be bothered.
  • Redo your room, the energy in your room can affect how you do work.
  • Organize your notes and your space. When everything has a home, you can thrive.


As stated before, this year is really hard. These are just some tips that I know have worked for me to stay productive. I still have days where I lay in bed and do nothing because I am human and I get overwhelmed. Take everything with a grain of salt. Reach out to others if you are feeling bad and take care of yourself. this is something we’re collectively going through as humans so I hope you know you are not alone. Stay safe and stay healthy. You’ve got this.

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