Meal Prep with me

In my voyage to try to be a healthier human and lose weight, I have found that meal prepping helps me out a ton. Before, Losing weight was really hard for me because I was taking advice from a bad nutritionist. They told me I needed 1200 calories a day to lose weight and I believed them because they were doctors. I was starving myself because I was working out so much and eating close to nothing because I often went under 1200 and my body would hold on to fat. I couldn’t sustain that very long and often quit after a week.

Now, with a new personal trainer and nutritionist I am eating around 1600 calories and tracking protein, which has made me lose twice as much weight and still be full while giving my body the proper nutrients. Do your own research for your own body and consult a doctor but this is what has worked for me. depending on my exercise level I will eat more or less calories and somedays I will have cheat days. That’s life baby, this a journey to make a healthier lifestyle and make better choices every single day, not just drop 20 pounds dangerously and then go back to a usual unhealthy way of living.

I usually will eat the same thing cooking on Sunday until about Wednesday and then cook Thursday for the rest of the week. Repeat.

So, with that in mind and so you know a little background, Lets meal prep:

Breakfast: I like to but the really big tubs of Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yoghurt and just portion that out (1-2 cups depending on the day) with a half cup of berries and 1/4 cup of granola. This doesn’t need meal prepping because it is super easy in the morning but if I am doing a smoothie kind of week I will meal prep:

In a Ziplock bag:

cut up one whole banana

2 Cups of spinach

1/2 cup of berries

1/2 cup of yogurt

1 scoop of protein powder

Freeze and add milk or water to the blender the day you make it and it’s super easy!

Lunch: Lunch is different things most of the time but the basis is always the same: 5-6oz of meat, 3 oz of a green veggie, 3oz of a starch or 1/4 cup of a grain.

This week I bought two packs of 93% lean ground beef and cooked that all up, I weight it after it cooks and separate 5 oz into different containers. Some may have 6oz and I will just log that differently for the day I eat it. I just throw it into a pan with spray olive oil, salt and pepper and then add different seasonings or sauces to the portioned meat depending on what I am feeling that day to mix it up.

I cut up 3 zucchinis into medium thick slices and place them all on a backing sheet with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and cook for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Some days I add lemon juice or hot sauce to make it more interesting. I portion them out to 3oz and add to the containers of already portioned beef.

If I don’t do zucchini I’ll measure 3 oz of raw spinach and cook that with garlic in a skillet or steam some broccoli and add soy sauce and garlic for more flavor.

I cook one big batch of rice at the beginning of the week and portion that out once it’s cooked adding it to the pre-portioned beef and veggies. Some days I’ll do two servings of veggies instead if I am not that hungry but carbs are good for you and tasty so make sure you’re getting them in somewhere during the day.

Snack: An apple or banana with a protein shake, no need to meal prep.

Dinner: This week I decided dinner was going to be chicken so I bought two packets of chicken breast, toss it into a crockpot with whatever seasonings or sauces I feel like that week (this week I used Mojo) and let it cook for a few hours. When it’s tender, I shred it and portion out 6oz to different containers.

For veggies I did fajita veggies so I put tons of bell peppers and onions into a skillet and added taco seasoning. Let them cook down and added 4oz to each meal prep container. Super easy!

I then added 1/4 or 1/2 cup of rice depending on the day to the meals. It’s well balanced, super yummy and filling.

So that is this weeks meal prep! If you like what you eat and don’t want to change a thing, keep doing you! This is just what I do on my own journey to getting healthy. I hope I inspired some of you to cook something different or even just organize your life a little more.

This is just a rough idea of how I eat every day. Not all days are organized and I do go out and get food or maybe I am just not hungry. That’s ok! listen to your body. Don’y forget to drink a lot of water and take your vitamins!

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